Turkey Tracks: The Coastal Quilters’ 2017 October Retreat, Part 2

Turkey Tracks:  October 24, 2017

The Coastal Quilters’ 2017 October Retreat, Part 2

Here’s our space at the Franciscan Guest House in Kennebunkport, Maine.

This time the FGH located us in the gym as another larger group had been there just before us.  So, we had space, ironing boards and irons, tables, and design walls to spare.  The entrance is across the room from this picture.  And we had access to a nice kitchen with both a microwave and a convection oven.  We brought food and bought food.  A group has to have 15 in attendance to get FGH ood served.

Additionally, Jan Kelsey and crew sought out nearby quilting stores this trip.  There are more than the one very small one just down the street.  Sanford sewing is about 20 minutes–and they have been so supportive of us during our retreats, including fixing machines we’ve dropped off there while we are at the retreat.  There is a nearby Marden’s.  And there is a store called Wool Camp that the girls who went on this expedition loved.  Who knew?

From left to right, Deb Hazell, Heidi August, and Deb Torre.  That’s Tori Manzi in the background.

Vicki Fletcher.  Don’t you love that smile?

Mac Saulnier.  Mac and Jan Kelsey went to college together and have stayed in touch.

Mary Bishop, with the quilt she designed and the jacket she made at the October 2016 retreat:

Vicki Fletcher and Sharon Flanagan with Sharon’s quilt:

Jan Kelsey with a baby quilt.  This fabric is interesting because I made a quilt for a grandson with this fabric and put the remnants into our last fund-raiser auction.  Jan bought it, not realizing that I had donated it.  I like what she did and am so happy that someone else was using the fabric.

I did not get a picture of Jan Corson (!!!) or myself.

And I went back into old files to find what I did with the fabrics Jan Kelsey has above:  it was quilt No 43, made in 2009.  I’ve come along way baby!  As has technology.  The pics are from a camera that distorted the “rectangle” of the quilt, for instance.

I would definitely put cornerstones if I were making this quilt today.  The panel details are so cute though.  They remind me of the Japanese designers who are making fabrics with these “retro” motifs.

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One thought on “Turkey Tracks: The Coastal Quilters’ 2017 October Retreat, Part 2”

  1. Louisa thank you for sharing this fall retreat. It was good that I took care of David. I did get to go 2 days to Mainly sewing 10-4. There may not be any overnights for me any more. Such fun pictures of everyone doing quilty things, missed being there. How was the food thing ? Did it go as well w/o prepared meals? I enjoyed the meals as much as the sewing.

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