Interesting Information/Vaccines: NPR: Whooping Cough Vaccine’s Protection Fades Quickly

Interesting Information/Vaccines:  May 2015

Whooping Cough/Pertussis Vaccine’s Protection Fades Quickly

I came home to the news that there has been an “outbreak” of whooping cough–in a population of vaccinated children.

Now the “story” is that the vaccinated will have milder cases.  But, where’s the proof of that?

Here’s an NPR story that appeared before I left for Charleston to see my family–and it amply illustrates the ignorance that is rampant in the whole vaccine issue:


This NPR story admits the whooping cough/Pertussis vaccine is not working.  (The Tdap vaccine is meant to cover Tetnus, diptheria, and pertussis.)

And, the NPR story covers the fact that giving more boosters won’t do the trick either.  Or, that the older Dtap vaccine contained ethyl mercury, now called thimersol.

BUT, NPR, like most mainstream press, does not understand the complexities of this issue.

What this writer has done is run to the usual suspects:  Dr. Art Reingold (a professor of public health) just repeats the herd immunity myth.  The ignorance factor among the public health people is beyond astounding.

Why keep going to them for answers?  It’s easy, that’s why.

Why not go to someone in the actual field.  Like an IMMUNOLOGIST, for instance.

Tetyana Obukhanych explains quite clearly what’s wrong with this vaccine in VACCINE ILLUSIONS (easy read, easy download).

The older whooping cough vaccine used BOTH strains of pertussis.  But it had side effects that made it…not workable.  The current vaccine only has ONE strain, and now it’s vaccine resistant.  Hello out there.  You do not know what you are doing.   Here’s another unintended consequence that’s seriously bad.  You’re creating a super disease now.

The information on tetanus does not include the information that there is a noninvasive way to create a natural immunity to tetanus.  Again, read VACCINE ILLUSIONS to understand this issue.

Finally, the article does not share that this vaccine contains aluminum and formaldehyde–among other toxins.

Whooping Cough Vaccine’s Protection Fades Quickly : Shots – Health News : NPR.

Interesting Information: Apple Ipod Touch Replaces Sirius/XM Satellite Radio

Interesting Information:  March 11, 2012

Apple Ipod Touch Replaces Sirius/XM Satellite Radio

I am a talk radio junkie.

And, when we moved to Maine eight years ago, I discovered that the local NPR channel did not carry Diane Rhem.  AND, that the local NPR channel carried CLASSICAL MUSIC all morning.

Mercy!  What was I going to do!

The solution at that time was getting a subscription to Sirius/XM Satellite Radio, which had multiple NPR channels and all kinds of other political and news channels.  I found that I rarely listened to anything but NPR, however, so the hundreds of channels were pretty much wasted on me, especially as I did not like the music on the Sirius/XM’s music channels either.

After hooking up the Sirius radio and stringing the receiver through my underground quilt room window, I spent many hours trying to find the sweet spot where I could get uninterrupted reception.  That actually took months as it was totally counterintuitive that the spot would be at the back of the house which, itself, backs up to a steep hill and forest.

After only a few years, the speakers in the portable radio blew out.  But, I soldiered on.  Buying a new radio was around $200.  And, the yearly bill for Sirius/XM runs about $170, once you add in their tacked on “music royalty” fee.

Then, last month, Sirius/XM DROPPED one NPR channel and stopped all the A-level programs, like Diane Rehm, on the other.  What remained was so NOT what I wanted to hear.

I was furious!

I realized Sirius/XM was probably in serious financial trouble.

What was I going to do?

Giovanna McCarthy came to the rescue.  Get an “internet” radio.  Better yet, she wrote after doing some research on my behalf, get an IPod Touch, and you can put your music on that as well.

Let’s back up to the music thing.  Back in the 1980s, I made a whole lot of tapes with music that I dearly love.  Tapes, folks, not CDs.  These tapes are now brittle, worn, have bad sound, and so forth.  But, not long ago–while peeling all the garlic actually–I popped in one of these tapes, turned it all the way up, and sang my way through a tedious job.

I realized I wanted my music back.  And I knew that I’d be able to hear fine with ear phones.  (I have VERY serious hearing aids and VERY serious hearing loss–as does my middle sister.  We think it may have been drugs taken as children or some chemical contamination on various Air Force bases.)

The Ipod Touch, with it’s Cloud feature and it’s Itunes, would let me get the music back and store it reasonable.

AND, it downloads CDs you already own, too!

I ordered it.  And, ordered a portable speaker with a docking station for the quilt room.

I had a frustrating few days as I tried to climb over the technical hurdles.  After all, I’m several generations behind all this new technology.  But, I have the system up and running, and I’m listening to Diane Rehm and all of NPR, and so much more.  I can even listen whenever I want–not just on the broadcasting schedule!  It even carries Facebook and my email.  I’m sure I have only “touched” the surface of what all it will do.

I’m slowly finding, on Itunes, my lost music.  Most of it, anyway.  So far I’ve only replaced one tape.  There are some old songs that have not made it into CD form that are now lost to me except on Utube:  Lacy J. Dalton’s “China Doll,” “Golden Memories,” and “Ain’t Nobody Who Could Do It Like My Daddy Could”; Tom T. Hall’s “Over the Rainbow,” and David Frizzel and Shelly West’s “Two Sides.”  Lost, in this age of archiving everything…

But, this morning, I downloaded and stored three of my favorite CDs–which I never listen to since the player is upstairs and I am, often, downstairs in the quilt room.

A whole new world has opened up!

Oh happy day!