Turkey Tracks: “Purple Delight” Quilt

Turkey Tracks:  June 24, 2015

Purple Delight” Quilt

“Purple Delight” ( #115) is another version of a quilt I did a few years back (#70) called “Nature:  The Greatest Show on Earth.”

The idea of setting a traditional block on point and surrounding it with a striped fabric came from Susan McDermott.  Her version appeared in QUILT Magazine some years back.

At the time I liked the quilt enough that I put together a purple and green version.

Here it is:


It’s kind of WOW!

The backing is kind of Wow! too.  And I do like the use of the stripe in the border.



Here’s a close-up of some blocks:


Here’s an inside corner:



Combining purple and acid/spring green is a classic combo in many color books.

Here’s an outside corner:



I used a variegated thread, and I like the way it came out:


The pantograph is “Lovely” from Urban Elementz, by Denise Schillinger.

I have decided to make a “big” quilt for each of my seven grandchildren for when they are teenagers–in case for some reason I can’t do it.  This one goes into that pile.  The girls all love purple…