Turkey Tracks: December 2015 Quilty Update

Turkey Tracks:  December 8, 2015

December 2015 Quilty Update

The hexie project I took with me to Charleston, SC, for Thanksgiving is coming along.

Truth to tell, I’m addicted to it.

The center is nearly ready to sew together:


I’m should have let the teal stripe NOT line up, as the little doll head looks disembodied in the middle of a sea of strips.

Will I go back and take out tiny, tiny seams and restitch.  As much as I am a perfectionist, no.

This project is scrappy and is using my 2 1/2-inch squares and strips.

The missing unit is greens and is now ready for the neutrals.  And the project gets quite a few neutrals around this center.  You can see pictures in an earlier post.  The design is from Edyta Sitar.

Once again, the Sewline fabric glue pen is to English Paper Piecing (EPP) as a rotary cutter is to quilting.  Holy Cow what a find!

One of the bright scrappy quilts is on Lucy the Longarm:


Love the bright coral backing:


I’m using a dusty rose thread.  And this is a Bonnie Hunter block, as you can see from earlier posts.

I’m caught up with Bonnie Hunter’s second clue, released last Friday, for the 2015 mystery quilt, Allietare.


I wonder if we will get the gold fabrics next Friday?

Love the neutrals in this quilt.  Many are from Cotton + Steel fabrics.   I have some lovely posts on that group of fabric-designing women here on the blog.  Such an interesting story.  Use the search button on the right sidebar to find that story.

I am also working on the other bright scrappy quilt–it’s on the design wall and getting some more borders.  More on that later.  It’s cute!

Turkey Tracks: “Purple Delight” Quilt

Turkey Tracks:  June 24, 2015

Purple Delight” Quilt

“Purple Delight” ( #115) is another version of a quilt I did a few years back (#70) called “Nature:  The Greatest Show on Earth.”

The idea of setting a traditional block on point and surrounding it with a striped fabric came from Susan McDermott.  Her version appeared in QUILT Magazine some years back.

At the time I liked the quilt enough that I put together a purple and green version.

Here it is:


It’s kind of WOW!

The backing is kind of Wow! too.  And I do like the use of the stripe in the border.



Here’s a close-up of some blocks:


Here’s an inside corner:



Combining purple and acid/spring green is a classic combo in many color books.

Here’s an outside corner:



I used a variegated thread, and I like the way it came out:


The pantograph is “Lovely” from Urban Elementz, by Denise Schillinger.

I have decided to make a “big” quilt for each of my seven grandchildren for when they are teenagers–in case for some reason I can’t do it.  This one goes into that pile.  The girls all love purple…



Turkey Tracks: “Foxy Blue” Quilt

Turkey Tracks:  April 2015

“Foxy Blue” Quilt

It’s official.  “Foxy Blue” was delivered, by SIL Maryann Enright, last Sunday.

This BIG quilt (97 inches square) does not photograph well in its entirety.  It’s much more subtle than the light/dark the camera is picking up.

The focus fabric is a Foxglove pattern–thus the name.

I wanted to make a low-impact quilt, Kaffe Fasset style, and to use my blue 2 1/2-inch squares.  (I have a whole BIG box of these squares left.)



I chose a batik backing that works really well.  It sort of glows.  And a sort of seafoam binding.  You can also see that I mixed hourglass/broken dishes blocks into the borders, which gave, I think, a lot of visual interest.



Here’s a good shot of the focus fabric.



And one of the movement in the quilt.



The corners.  I used a pantograph called Hyancith Grande that I’ve had for some time.  It’s by Patricia Ritter.  And I used a low-contrast thread.  The quilting came out really well.



Another view:




And another:



The middle is comprised of the stash squares, with no attempt made to order them in any way in terms of light and dark.



It’s a beautiful quilt…

Love, too, the bits of purple foxglove that punctuate the quilt.

Turkey Tracks: “Piecing Heaven” Quilt

Turkey Tracks:  January 12, 2015

“Piecing Heaven” Quilt

My downstairs tv sitting room is a favorite place for the dogs.

And, for me.

An outside door sits at this room’s entryway, so the dogs tend to track in outside debris.  (People in Maine don’t wear their outside shoes inside.  Shoes are removed at the door.)

I have a doggie blanket on the couch–which just got recovered not too, too long ago.  But though the blanket does the protection job, it looks so shabby–as you can see below.

So, I decided to use scrappy quilts all over this room instead.  Not always spread out, but folded in key places.

Quilts that could be used, washed, and loved, loved to death.

Here’s the first one–made from my box of 2 1/2 inch strips:  “Piecing Heaven”–because I had so much fun making it.



Here it is on the back of the couch.  Reynolds Georgia hangs out here a lot.  See how ratty the dog blanket looks?



Here it is from the back:




Grandson Kelly picked out the backing fabric last summer, and I can’t wait for him to see it in this quilt.  Likely, if it holds up, this quilt will go to him at some point.



I used a Bishop’s Fan groovy board and an old gold colored thread–which works fine in the quilt.  Love the Bishop’s Fan pattern.



The center:



A random piece…





Here’s Gail Nicholson’s quilt on the orange chair–another favorite spot of Reynold’s.



And, here’s the third quilt in this project–almost ready to come off the design wall.  I love how this quilt is coming out.  This is a Bonnie Hunter pattern, and the border idea is also on her blog:  “Scrappy Trip Around the World.”  Again, I’m using the 2 1/2=inch scrap strips to build this quilt.



I got this backing fabric–on the long arm–at the Alewives (quilt shop) sale last weekend–40% off.  It will work fine, and the colors work in the big room.  With all the seams on the front, I wanted a solid backing.


Turkey Tracks: “Isn’t This Fun?” Quilt

Turkey Tracks:  October 8, 2014

“Ain’t This Fun?” Quilt


Look what’s on my long arm today.

“Isn’t This Fun?”

I made the blocks last March when I spent a week with my long-time quilting friends in Williamsburg, Virginia.  We’ve been quilting together for close to twenty years now.

For years I’ve been clipping the selvage edges of new fabric and ripping a strip.  And, saving uneven strips left over from cutting or ripping a straight edge across the top of fabric.  I gathered up the HUGE MOUND of these strips and took them to Virginia and about 100 blocks came home with me at the end of the week.

Here’s the resulting quilt top–the lattice work and border treatment ideas came from Bonnie Hunter’s quilt “Tulip Fields” in her book STRING FLING.



Here’s a close-up of some of the blocks:


I’m quilting with a lime green thread…

I’m really enjoying this project.

Turkey Tracks: My 100th Quilt: Centurion

Turkey Tracks:  June 20, 2014

My 100th Quilt:  Centurion


For those of you who have followed this blog over the winter, here are all the big hexies I mostly hand-sewed–and shared along the way–sewn into the quilt.  This pattern is from MATERIAL OBSESSIONS 2 by Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke.  There are two versions of ways to use these big hexies–all made with a little “kite”-shaped template.  This one is Kathy Doughty’s.  But I have to tell you that I love Sarah Fielke’s version as well and may well make it as a wall hanging one of these days.  I so enjoyed this project.  I wanted this 100th quilt to be something special, and I certainly think this quilt is spectacular.  If I had one thing to do over, it would be to make the border bigger.  Kathy did, and I wish I had made it 9 inches instead of 6 inches.  I’m not sure why I didn’t, actually…

Note that the rugs are out of the living room being cleaned.  They will be back next Friday, I think.  And in a few weeks, this couch will be replaced by one with a sort of cream-colored cotton slip-cover that can be washed.  This quilt will live in this room–and the picture above the couch–which dates from early on marriage–will be replaced with another picture or a quilt…




Here’s a close-up of one block and the corner treatment.  I had so much fun picking out the fabrics for each block.  As this is still a “scrappy” quilt made from my stash–except for the borders and the connecting diamonds–I didn’t pay much attention to how the blocks would work together…  I just had fun with each one…  See the chickens and bees?



Here’s a close-up of that connecting diamond.  The big blocks, ideally, if one read the directions carefully as someone now writing did not as she was too excited to see the whole block together, are NOT sewn together fully but left in half–which allows the long diagonal line to be sewn–which makes installing the diamonds a snap.


I quilted with a cream thread with a pantograph called “12-inch Simple Feathers” by Anne Bright–and it was perfect.




Here’s the backing fabric–which I thought about for the front big border until fellow quilter Jan Kelsey said she thought the gold fabric a better choice.  (Thanks Jan!)




I am looking forward to seeing someone curl up under this quilt with a book!  Remember, think cream slip covers…


Turkey Tracks: Quilts For Twins

Turkey Tracks:  May 12, 2014

Quilts For Twins

First, these two quilts are meant to be loved, dragged around, put on the floor for tummy time, and washed.

AND, both of these quilts are made from what is now a “deep” stash of fabrics–so each has many pieces of fabric that have gone into other family quilts–which forms a lovely linkage I think.  So, those of you who have been recipients of one of my quilts, look to see if some of your fabric has been used in these two baby quilts.



I made “Mister’s Twister” for the boy twin using a “Lil’ Twister” ruler brought home from the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show in Norfolk, Virginia, I attended last March.

What a fun project!

One starts this project with a grid of 5-inch squares surrounded by a 3-inch border.  One positions the ruler (which is a square with intersecting lines) over the place where the square blocks all four join (or over where a block joins with the border) and then cuts out the template square.  Inside the new square are parts of four adjacent “twisters.”  One sews this first line of blocks together and then proceeds to the next line of intersections and cuts those outs.  As you sew the rows together, the twisters start to emerge.  (I posted an earlier blog on the Lil Twister ruler with links to some cool internet sites.)



Leftover pieces of the grid–which now has big holes in it) can be squared up to use as a border–which you can see I did:


I really like the way the black binding is working with this quilt.

Here’s a picture of the backing:


And a picture of the wild and colorful twisters:


I quilted with a blue thread–free hand large, big curves.

The Lil Twister ruler comes in tiny, tiny and in sizes that use 5-inch blocks and 10-inch blocks.  You can easily order any of these rulers on-line.



The girl twin’s quilt is “Sister’s Critters,” and for it, I chose the brightest of my 2 by 3 1/2-inch squares.



I mixed in squares that had critters other than the focus fabric with its bunnies–along with more bunnies:



I quilted free-hand with a pale green thread (which works on both the back and front), using a big daisy pattern.


Here is a close-up of the bunny focus fabric:


I had enough of this fabric suite left to do the backing:


And I used fabric from Mister’s quilt for the corner blocks:



I had quite a time choosing the binding, but in the end, chose the blue, and I think that works really well, especially with the blue sky that runs around the edge of the quilt.

Here’s a close-up view of some of the big blocks:


So, these quilts go in the mail today, and I will post this blog post when I know the quilts have landed at their new home.

PS:  Heard from the new mamma-to-be any minute now.  The quilts have arrived.