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Turkey Tracks: The Coastal Quilters’ October Retreat

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Turkey Tracks:  October 22, 2016

The Coastal Quilters’ October Retreat

We had a great time!

As happened in May, we want to go back soon, soon, soon…

And we will in May and October 2017.  AND we will add a day for those of us who want a bit longer time sewing at the Franciscan Guest House in Kennebunk, Maine.  (This forty acre property sits walking distance to the town or the beach and the grounds themselves are lovely.)  We checked in Monday at 1 p.m. and left Wednesday around noon, but could have stayed until 1 p.m.

This time, we were in the gym.  Look at this awesome set-up:



(That is Vicki Fletcher at the cutting table.  See her quilt below.)

We had lots and lots of ironing boards and design walls and a table full of snacks we had brought with us and coffee, tea, and water supplied.  We have breakfast every day, lunch on the full day, and dinner on the two nights we are there.


Here is Vicki’s quilt–which is made from a four-patch of five-inch blocks that get sliced and resewn.


Sharon Flanagan and Margaret-Elaine Jinno.  Margaret-Elaine had pre-cut Farmer’s Wife blocks and she made SIXTEEN of them over the two days.


Sharon worked on hemming some curtains for her brother and left Saturday afternoon for a special high tea at MIT, returning early evening.  She and Margaret Elaine stayed up late, and when the rest of us came down in the morning, we found this quilt on the design wall.  It’s an “amazing” quilt.  Do you see why?


Lisa Niles brought her friend Sandy Pushaw.


Here’s Lisa’s quilt:


Here’s Sandy:


And here’s Sandy’s quilt developing:  a trip around the world.


Nancy Saulnier, or Mac, is Jan Kelsey’s friend.  She came last May and is coming again, with or without Jan.


A Christmas beauty:


Tori Manzi was with us for the first time:


Tori did a retreat with Pink Castle quilts (a good site to follow) up in Michigan.  The medallion and each of the borders were designed by different designers.  We had such a good time watching Tori make these borders.  There are more borders to follow I think.


Here’s another project Tori is working on–a “sampler” type quilt of these big, intricate blocks.  This one is foundation pieced.


Jan Kelsey worked on a number of projects.  There was a quilt with half-square triangles that disappeared from the design board before I got a picture of it.  Here Jan is working on one of the grocery bags made from feed sacks.


Look at this cute feed sack!


My friend Penny Rogers Camm came over from Burlington, Vermont, to join us.  You can see her FIRST QUILT in an earlier blog post.  Here she is with Becca Babb-Brott (check out Becca’s Sew Me A Song Etsy store).


Penny fell in love with Amy Friend’s “Tell Me A Story” quilt and here are her first blocks for that quilt, which is FOUNDATION PIECED.  She is doing fine with that method.


She went home with this many blocks made.  I am very proud of my student!


Lots of sharing went on among everyone.  We really loved this unified setting we had–no middle aisle to separate us.


Becca worked on the Jen Kingwell project she has undertaken–a fusion of three Kingwell quilts, using all Kingwell blocks.  Becca is creating a geographical “scene” in this quilt.


See the sky, the town buildings, etc.


Mary Sue Bishop finished her sweatshirt jacket.  Behind her is the beginning of her trip around the world quilt.


Here’s the back of Mary’s jacket:


Linda Satkowski worked on several projects during the retreat.


Linda sashed blocks from the Bonnie Hunter 2015 mystery quilt, “Allietore.”  Isn’t this gorgeous?  She will add another row maybe and, definitely, a border.


Becca wanted to see what kinds of colors she had in the Farmer’s Wife blocks, so she just randomly put blocks on a design wall.  The camera is making her grey background look flat, but that grey is all shimmery and glowy in real life.  This quilt will be so much fun.


As I said, as we were driving away, we wanted to return.


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October 22, 2016 at 1:55 pm

Turkey Tracks: Quilting Retreat Project

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Turkey Tracks:  March 7, 2014

Quilting Retreat Project

I left my Virginia quilting friend today–and was so grateful for this time spent with them.

We have been sewing together for about eighteen years–not every year since I moved to Maine in 2004, but steadily all along.

I left with 98 string-pieced 6 1/2 inch blocks–made from the torn selvage edges of my quilting fabric.  When I cut up my stash this past summer (all but pieces a yard or more long), I tore strips from the selvage edge with the little colored dots and/or writing.  I tore at least 1 1/2 inches of the colored fabric–and some times two inches if I liked the color.  One also needs some fatter pieces to use in corners I found–and fortunately I had included some when I put together what I was bringing to this year’s meeting.

So, I sewed on to pre-cut paper squares from an old drawing pad.  And I brought along an old telephone book in case I needed more paper.  Both mediums tore away easily after I had finished sewing and trimming my blocks.

I’ve had a long strip of green, pieced rectangles made a very long time ago–at least 12 years ago–thinking I’d use it some day for a border or binding–and I used that in some of the blocks.  The effect was quite nice.

I pinned the blocks into piles of ten.  I have some ideas for using these blocks, but no set plan yet.  It will be fun devising a setting (or multiple settings) for these blocks.

98 blocks–and I have at least 13 at home:




I really like the way the words and the color dots on the selvages came out on these blocks.


Turkey Tracks: Quilting Retreat

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Turkey Tracks:  March 6, 2014

Quilting Retreat

I’m in Williamsburg, Virginia, with friends I’ve quilted with for about 18 years, save the past three.  It’s good to see them again.

We hunker down and SEW!  We eat when we want, leave to get out a bit when we want, sleep when we want, and so on.  There is a lot of laughter, lots of catching up with everyone, some serious conversations and lots of good listening.

I’ve been ripping off selvages for the past year and leaving at least 1 1/2 inches of fabric.  More is even better.   And I’ve been saving all strips that are just under two inches, but uneven.  So, I’m strip piecing 6 1/2 inch blocks–using scrap paper as a foundation.  And piecing in all those words and little color dots that I can use.  The blocks are coming out really fun and interesting and colorful.

I color sorted and ironed before I came–to help packing space and to get a jump start.   And that has helped me get  more done.

Over 60 blocks after three days of intensive sewing.

Here’s my workspace–and I’m sewing on friend Rosy Pilkerton’s “Black Beauty”–a vintage Singer machine.


And from another view:


And from the back view:


I have lots more pictures of the folks here with me AND of the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show, but they will have to wait until I get home Monday.

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March 5, 2014 at 10:03 pm

Turkey Tracks: Traveling South

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Turkey Tracks:  February 26, 2014

Traveling South

I have traveled today and will travel tomorrow, so the past few days have been busy with getting ready to leave a house that is knee-deep in snow; six chickens, one of which has been in my kitchen for almost two months; two dogs; and a friend and house sitter who is recovering from a broken wrist from a fall on treacherous ice.

I am in Portland in the trusty Comfort Inn, which will keep my car until I fly home. Portland is about two hours south from Camden.

I had hoped to drive straight to the airport Thursday morning for an 11:30 flight, but the POLAR VORTEX and a bit of light snow might mean treacherous ice at 6:30 or so Thursday morning. Anything could delay me–even someone else having an accident. So, most everyone I know travels to Portland the day before flying when the weather and roads are so uncertain. The motel’s fee for keeping my car and the overnight stay is pretty much a wash with paying for parking at the airport.

Where am I going?

Destination: Norfolk, VA


The driver is that I meet with a group of quilters that I have been sewing with during this week for about 18 years now–minus the last few when John was too sick to leave with all the above responsibilities. (John did the taxes, the money management, and all sorts of repair and mowing jobs, and I have acquired a whole new understanding of how hard just the taxes are after these past two tax endeavors. I cooked, shopped, gardened, took care of animals, and pretty much organized all the social tasks.)

Rosie Pilkerton is a wizard with time shares, and she gets us a beautiful apartment every year. We sew, laugh, eat, walk, shop, and visit the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival in Norfolk (a beautiful show).

Everyone does exactly what she wants to do for a whole week–no pressure, no responsibilities, no worries. It’s all a gift. It’s therapy of the finest kind.

The other (big) draw to Norfolk is that I have a sister and a brother there–and I will see them and their children.

I have the ipad with me, and it does not always like to upload pictures onto the blog, but I will put some up. If not, when I get home.

All serious subject matter has been left behind for the week!

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February 26, 2014 at 7:48 pm