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Turkey Tracks: Quilting Retreat Project

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Turkey Tracks:  March 7, 2014

Quilting Retreat Project

I left my Virginia quilting friend today–and was so grateful for this time spent with them.

We have been sewing together for about eighteen years–not every year since I moved to Maine in 2004, but steadily all along.

I left with 98 string-pieced 6 1/2 inch blocks–made from the torn selvage edges of my quilting fabric.  When I cut up my stash this past summer (all but pieces a yard or more long), I tore strips from the selvage edge with the little colored dots and/or writing.  I tore at least 1 1/2 inches of the colored fabric–and some times two inches if I liked the color.  One also needs some fatter pieces to use in corners I found–and fortunately I had included some when I put together what I was bringing to this year’s meeting.

So, I sewed on to pre-cut paper squares from an old drawing pad.  And I brought along an old telephone book in case I needed more paper.  Both mediums tore away easily after I had finished sewing and trimming my blocks.

I’ve had a long strip of green, pieced rectangles made a very long time ago–at least 12 years ago–thinking I’d use it some day for a border or binding–and I used that in some of the blocks.  The effect was quite nice.

I pinned the blocks into piles of ten.  I have some ideas for using these blocks, but no set plan yet.  It will be fun devising a setting (or multiple settings) for these blocks.

98 blocks–and I have at least 13 at home:




I really like the way the words and the color dots on the selvages came out on these blocks.