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Interesting Information: ZZZ Wraps

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Interesting Information:  March 23, 2014

ZZZ Wraps

Here’s what I hope will be a very fun product–given to me by DIL Tami Enright, who is Director of The Bee Cause in South Carolina–a project of The Savannah Bee Company.

This bees’ wax soaked fabric can seal a bowl or wrap a sandwich.

I can’t wait to try it.


Here’s what it looks like unfolded.


It came from Mama Bee Hive,  http://www.mamabeehive.com/index.php.  But the present web site does not list this product.  Perhaps a phone call to them if you are interested?

So I have no idea what it costs.  Apparently one just washes off the cloth and lets it dry and reuses.

I’ll report back after use…

Turkey Tracks: Ailey’s Pillow

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Turkey Tracks:  December 7, 2011

Ailey’s Pillow

Tami is learning to sew.

She bought a used machine up here in Maine two summers ago–from Marge at Mainely Sewing.  Marge carries Janome and will help you get a used machine or trade up for you.  Tami’s Janome is a sturdy, beginning machine which will carry her a long way before she’s ready to upgrade–if she keeps sewing more than household repair, etc.  We got her a darning foot for free-motion quilting and a walking foot at People, Places, and Quilts–an outstanding quilt store, in Summerville, South Carolina–on our “escape” day this trip.

Here’s her first project:  a pillow for Ailey’s first birthday:

People, Places, and Quilts sells terrific kits for pillows and books filled with “sayings.”  The kits come with buttons, needles, and embroidery thread as well–and they are so much fun to use, as you can see.  Tami bought a selection of 1930s fabrics last year–for the sides and back of the pillows–but she needed some help to actually get started on a project.

Also, to see more of this kind of project, look at the Carol Boyer entries under the craft project section of this blog.

Here’s the back–a nice little 1930s print:

Here’s Tami closing up the stuffed pillow–the final step:

It’s so cute, this pillow!  Ailey will have this gift long after her childhood toys have disappeared.

I’ll be making some more pillows as well for gifts or for our Coastal Quilters’ auction next November.  I LOVE many of the sayings that People, Places, and Quilts have put into their books.

And, here’s the birthday girl, Miss Ailey, on the day of her first birthday: