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Radicchio in Salads

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Turkey Tracks: Recipes: September 29, 2020

Radicchio in Salads

Bitter greens are really good for you.

And radicchio is red, so when you eat it, you’re “eating in the rainbow” of colors nature provides for us.

So, how can we knock back some of the bitterness of the heartier greens, especially when eaten raw? Add a little of something tart but sweet (some citrus juice or a fruit flavored vinegar) or just add something sweet (honey, maple syrup). Or add both.

In this salad, I drizzled some yummy honey over the greens—just a tablespoon. I can’t eat the tart foods.

DIL Tami Enright, who helped pioneer the Bee Cause and helms it now, sends me this delicious Tupelo honey from the Savannah Bee Company, the original sponsor of Bee Cause. (The Bee Cause Project seeks to provide habitat for endangered bees and now has hives in all 50 states.)

Tupelo honey is absolutely delicious and rare. Bees make it from Tupelo trees that grow in wet swampy soil. The blossoms on the trees have a very limited life span. The honey has a unique taste that is very different from our own local honey here in Maine.

Savannah Bee sells and ships this honey. It would make really lovely gifts during the holidays. Or, anytime. Be sure to order a bottle for yourself if you place an order.

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September 29, 2020 at 8:20 am

Interesting Information: Honey and Cancer: Sustainable Inverse Relationship Particularly for Developing Nations

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Interesting Information:  January 30, 2017

Honey and Cancer:  Sustainable Inverse Relationship

DIL Tami Kelly Enright is the director of The Bee Cause, which seeks to sustain bees via educating people about bees.  By placing hives in public places (schools, stores, parks, etc.), people can learn about bees and bees can have a protected place to live.  Whole Foods has been a big supporter.  And the whole project was initially started and funded by The Savannah Bee Company in Savannah, Georgia.  Tami has won a number of major funding grants along the way.

Anyway, Tami sent me this study, which shows an inverse relationship between honey and cancer prevention.

Source: Honey and Cancer: Sustainable Inverse Relationship Particularly for Developing Nations—A Review

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January 30, 2017 at 11:18 am

Interesting Information: The Bee Cause Project Goes National

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Interesting Information:  July 17, 2015

The Bee Cause Project Goes National

I am so proud of my DIL Tami Enright’s work to save the bees.

The Savannah Bee Company turned her loose to figure out ways to put bee hives in places where they would be safe and educate people about bees–places like schools, stores (Whole Foods is a sponsor and has a hive), parks/preserves/conservation land, and so on.

Here’s an email from Tami about the next big push:  taking The Bee Cause to a national level.

So, pass on the word to folks you know who would be interested in this project in YOUR location.


Dearest “Tami” supporters:

I hope this email finds you all well and enjoying your summer!  I wanted to share some exciting news…

BeeCause is spreading its wings across the United States!  The last two years of Charleston-based observation hive installations has given us the necessary foundation and insight we needed to expand our program across the country.  This last Spring we were able to test our  “remote install” model and donated observation hives to schools in 6 states!  And, we have 1,000 requests from folks all over the world.  SO….

Today, we launched a fundraising campaign that will allow us to donate a BeeCause observation learning hive to every US state!  This can be accomplished if each state is able to raise $2,000! 

The donation site with a video showing our progress thus far is below:


If you would like to support our efforts, please share this link with your friends and family locally and across the country.  It is a lofty goal – $100,000, and will require all Tami and honeybee supporters to come together.  You all know first-hand the impact our program has had in my life and on our community.  Let’s get out the buzz about this initiative.  

Hope you enjoy the video…and thank you in advance for any donations you make on the GOFUNDME site!  



Tami Enright, Executive Director + Beekeeper

The Bee Cause Project



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July 17, 2015 at 7:05 pm

Interesting Information: ZZZ Wraps

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Interesting Information:  March 23, 2014

ZZZ Wraps

Here’s what I hope will be a very fun product–given to me by DIL Tami Enright, who is Director of The Bee Cause in South Carolina–a project of The Savannah Bee Company.

This bees’ wax soaked fabric can seal a bowl or wrap a sandwich.

I can’t wait to try it.


Here’s what it looks like unfolded.


It came from Mama Bee Hive,  http://www.mamabeehive.com/index.php.  But the present web site does not list this product.  Perhaps a phone call to them if you are interested?

So I have no idea what it costs.  Apparently one just washes off the cloth and lets it dry and reuses.

I’ll report back after use…