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Turkey Tracks: Easy, Fun Knitted Dishcloths

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Turkey Tracks:  September 3, 2013

Easy, Fun Knitted Dishcloths


At our (mostly) annual auction, one of Coastal Quilters members always gives a stack of knitted cotton dishcloths for the Silent Auction.  They are beautiful, uniform, and wash and wear like iron.

I always buy as many as I can for gifts.  Both of my daughters-in-law love these cotton knitted squared as much as I do.

“They’re easy,” my friend always says.  she got the pattern from Cut ‘N Sew Fabrics and Yarn, Globe shopping ctr, Littleton, NH.

Now, don’t laugh, they are easy once you master the “yarn over” stitch–which I always seem to get garbled in my head.  Here’s my first one–made with size 7 needles, I think.  The best I can say is that it’s serviceable…  (I used Peaches and Cream varigated cotton yarn–which needs to be used up and gotton out of my yarn stash.)  I thought the knitting was too loose…  We won’t even talk about the border the YO stitch forms…

Dishcloth 1

Here’s the second one–which is much better, but knitted with much smaller needles (1’s?), which made it really tight and way too small.  (I was starting to feel like the Three Bears story…)

Dishcloth 2

Here’s the last one–and by now I felt at ease and as if I could crank these babies out.  I forget, though, what needle I actually used.  Maybe a 3?

Dishcloth 3

Best of all, the yarn stash went down by three balls!!!

Here’s the pattern:

Row 1  K2 YO K1

Row 2  K2 YO K2

Row 3  K2 YO K3

Row 4  K2 YO K4

Continue to increase in this manner until there are 50 sts on needle.  (If you want your cloth smaller, 45 sts will do, or if you want it larger, go to 60 sts)


Row 1 K1 K2tog YO K2tog K to end of row

Continue to decrease in this manner until there are 5 sts. on needle.  Next row:

K1 K2tog YO K2tog (four sts remain)

K1 K2tog K1 (three sts remain)

Last row:  bind off last three

Weave in loose ends.  Happy dish washing!


Written by louisaenright

September 3, 2013 at 3:45 pm

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