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Turkey Tracks: Wheels of Mystery Quilt

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Turkey Tracks:  September 22, 2013

Wheels of Mystery Quilt

I started this hand project earlier in the summer.  I wanted to take a break from knitting and do some hand sewing at night watching tv shows and movies–that I stream.  I HATE all the noise and confusion of watching tv shows with commercials. It’s just plain painful.

So, this quilt has grown a lot since this picture…

Wheels of Mystery

I’m going to do 9 rows by 11 rows.

And, it’s all out of my stash.  And, scrappy, of course.

This block is an old traditional block–and I love what the curved pieces do when hung together.


Wheels of Mystery 2

They make BIG circles.  Isn’t that cool?

I have a childish delight in this quilt.

I tried to draw the block on QE7, but have been totally unable to do it.

Will try again, as I’d like to play with light and dark borders.  And what would an outer border of 9 patches look like?  Made with these same fabrics…

Blog Readers’ Quilts and Quilting Information: Judith Brill’s Double Wedding Ring Quilt

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Blog Readers’ Quilts and Quilting Information:  September 22, 2013


Judith Brill’s Double Wedding Ring Quilt


Double Wedding Ring, Judith Brill

Blog reader Judith Brill sent me this picture of the Double Wedding Ring quilt she made for her daughter’s wedding.


I love the contemporary nature of this quilt.  Look at the very interesting border.  And look at how she has hand quilted the wedding ring motif down the side–in the white just above the border.

Here’s a close up of the wedding ring block:

Double Wedding Ring 4, Judith Brill

And, more of the hand quilting:

Double Wedding Ring 3, Judith Brill

And, more of the hand quilting in the border:

Double Wedding Ring 2, Judith Brill

Really, this border is quite amazing.  I’ve never seen anything like it on a double wedding ring quilt, and I love it.

I also really like the contemporary use of colors in the wedding rings.  I think Judith said her daughter helped her pick out the colors.


And thanks for reading the blog and for sharing your beautiful quilt!

Turkey Tracks: September Update

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Turkey Tracks:  September 22, 2014

September Update

Late August and ALL of September are really busy months for me in Maine.

First of all, son Bryan often comes for his birthday, which is September 11th.  Bryan and Corinne like to come visiting in the early fall as most of the tourists have gone home or are taking a breather before the fall foliage gets rolling.  And, it’s cooler.

Second, in Maine, September is the red month (tomatoes), not July, as is true for regions south of us.  Plus, the gardens are cranking out food at alarming rates.  So I am busy blanching, roasting, drying, lacto-fermenting, and generally reveling in all the bounty of our earth in Maine.

Third, MOFGA, the Maine Organic Farmers and Growers Association fair happens in the third weekend of September.  This fair, also known as the Common Ground Fair, is one of my most favorite things to attend all year.

Fourth, Coastal Quilters starts its new year in September.  I agreed to be President this year, so I’ve had a fair amount of organizing and reviewing to do to get back up to speed.  We had a terrific organizational meeting September 14th, and we’ll have a really good year this year I think.

Fifth, I start the process of putting the yard to bed for the winter.  The flower pots are played out.  The wind chimes have to be taken down.  The hummers are gone.  The porch furniture and kayaks have to be stored.  The chickens have to be winterized.  And, the garden put to bed with the new garlic planted for next year.  I have LOVED having that garden fenced all this summer–especially since I never was able to keep the hens I have now inside their pen.

So….I will do some separate entries on some of these events.  But I will leave you with some fun pictures taken more or less in late August/early September.

Susan McBride of Golden Brook Farm grew these awesome cherry tomatoes.  I experimented with drying these to see which ones were the best.  Hands down, the purple heritage cherry tomato was.  They are like eating candy–and I know I will enjoy having them on hand all winter when the snow is flying.  That bag of highly colored bits is corn from Margaret Rauenhorst and Ronald VanHeeswijk.  I’m going to grind it and make cornbread with it any day now.

Golden Brook cherries

I planted random squash seeds in the blue tubs this year.  One is growing a Hubbard Squash–which delights me so much.  I will go ahead and collect the squashes as soon as it stops raining and put them into the garage to “sugar off” for a bit.  They do better when they have a bit of time to cure.  The Blue Hubbard squash can get HUGE–and is a really great all-purpose squash.  It’s delicious to eat and makes great “squash” pie too.

Hubbard Squash

Here is a typical Hope’s Edge pick-up day–with Giovanna McCarthy.  We have sacks of food and flowers!

Hope's Edge Flowers and Food

I found this picture on John’s computer before we retired it.  It’s one of my very favorites.  He really had such a great eye for a good picture.  LIkely I’ll make some cards from this picture…

Hope's Edge