Interesting Information: Vaccines In Your Body: How They Really Work (Or Don’t)

Interesting Information:  December 4, 2013

Vaccines In Your Body

How They Really Work (Or Don’t)

I’ve looked for some time for a simple explanation of how vaccines work (or don’t) in your body.

Shane Ellison, also known as The People’s Chemist, explains in his Over-The-Counter Natural Cures that vaccines come through the “back door” of the body–through a puncture wound–which breaches the body’s first line of defense:  the skin.  Vaccines are supposed to “trigger” the immune system, but because they are entering the body through the back door, “they fly below our immunity radar, rendering many of them ineffective” (96).

Ineffective at least in part means a short shelf life.  I’m beginning to read that drug companies and most doctors are realizing that vaccines have a limited range of effectiveness–maybe up to two years.  So now, in my opinion, they have a conundrum:  should they recommend booster shots,  a practice that would mean more money, but which would certainly increase the harm from vaccines, which could result in everyone stopping drinking this particular koolaid mixture, which would mean no money.  I’m betting they will play around the edges of keeping the status quo.

But what goes on inside the body once a vaccine has entered it? 

Why is the vaccine response ineffective?

I finally got my answer in an article by Thomas S. Cowan, MD, in the Spring 2013 edition of The Weston A. Price Foundation’s journal, Wise Traditions.

The link:  Preventing and Treating the Flu – Weston A Price Foundation.

Dr. Cowan explains that we have two immune systems:  the cell-mediated or Th1 (thymus derived) immune system and the Th2 immune system which targets extracellular (outside the cell) infecting agents (like worms) or foreign proteins and which “produces antibodies that call for a killing response before the offending agent gets into our cells and makes us sick” (50).

Dr. Cowan explains that the Th1 system is intracellular (inside the cell):

It primarily works through the production of white blood cells that essentially digest and then excrete cells (for example, in our throat or bronchial tubes) that have been infected with a virus or bacteria.  The consequences of a cell mediated response, that is, the digestion and excretion of dead and infected cells, are what we call sickness.  In other words, fever, rash, cough, mucus and so forth are not caused by the virus but by the body’s response to the virus.

When you get a naturally occurring infection “both immune systems respond, first the cell-mediated to clear the virus, then the antibody or humoral system to make antibodies to remember what happened so our cells don’t get infected with the same pathogen more than once.”

The degree of “severity of any particular illness is a function of how many cells are infected and the strength of our cell-mediated response.”  And, “whether we get repeated sickness is related to whether we can make an effective antibody response.”

So, and this part is important, if we have a strong immune system, we throw off infection quickly and gain immunity to that infection/illness for life.

Dr. Cowan writes that “the cell-mediated exercise is largely responsible for immunity to cancer, auto-immune disease and other chronic conditions.”

So, vaccines “deliberately” try to “bypass the cell-mediated immune system and only provoke a humoral response.   And Dr. Cowan notes with sly humor that “if a vaccine provoked the cell-mediated immune system, it would just make us sick and no one would agree to them.”

And, so, vaccines shift us into “what is called a Th2 dominant mode, an imbalance in which the humoral immune system is too strong and the cell-mediated immunity is suppressed.”

Here’s the kicker:

This leaves us with no avenue to clear the poisons that we have just been injected with from our tissues; it leaves us with chronic inflammation as our bodies struggle to clear these inflammatory toxins, such as mercury, formaldehyde and dead viruses, and an increased susceptibility to chronic disease.  An overactive humoral immune system often leads to auto-immune disease, where the humoral immune system attacks our own tissues.

Dr. Cowan goes on to name sugar and refined carbs as trouble in that they “blunt the immune response and should be avoided as much as possible.”

Dr. Cowan discusses preventative and helping strategies, like cod liver oil and elderberry extract.  For more detailed advice and remedies you many want to keep on hand, you can read the article for yourself.

Some questions to ponder:

If vaccines are hobbling the normal working of our immune system function, could that help account for the horrific rises in cancer?

Heavy metals like mercury and aluminum damage the brain–do vaccines set in place future cases of neurological diseases like Parkinson’s?  Especially if the body can’t clear these toxins properly?  Neurological diseases are also on the rise…

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