Interesting Information: Statistics that Scare Me

Interesting Information:  February 6, 2014

Statistics That Scare Me


1 out of 2 people are now getting cancer–so don’t for a moment think we are “winning” the “war” on cancer.  Or, curing it once you’ve gotten it.  The “standards of care” cures are horrific and carry their own horrors.

Interesting documentaries to watch:  both the Burzynski documentaries as they show that the cancer industry is not interested in a bona-fide cure that means they don’t make money and will do anything to stop such a marvelous thing from happening.

1 out of 50 children now have autism according to the May 2013 statistics from the CDC.  And, no, these figures are not because there are better diagnostic tools.

1 out of 6 children now have a neurological issue.

See the documentary, The Greater Good

The United States has an abysmal infant mortality rate–the worst among the other industrialized nations.  Take a look at this graph from The Washington Post:

And, for some reasons why, see the documentary The Business of Being Born

* * *

We didn’t get here by accident.

There has been a long, slow change in the structures of how we organize our society.  If you want to understand those changes, those structures, take 90 minutes and watch Robert Reich’s Inequality for All, which quickly dispenses with the Democrat/GOP divide and gets to the historical heart of what has happened.  Understanding a problem is the first step toward solving it.

Best of all is that Reich leaves us with tremendous hope that something can be done, that change can occur, that we can all get out of the now-hot water that is scalding us.

When he is asked what other country we should emulate to get out of our mess, Reich says “America.”

That would be the America of my youth.



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