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Turkey Tracks: POPCORN!

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Turkey Tracks:  May 21, 2014



Ok, I’ll confess.

I LOVE popcorn!

Always have.  Always will.

BUT, BUT, I don’t eat it very often.

It’s a grain that has very little nutritional value, and it makes me fat.

So, popcorn is a rare treat for me.  I indulge maybe about every six months or so.  I love to make it for “movie night” when the grand kiddos are here.

I use an air popper and organic popcorn.  Air poppers are not expensive.  Organic popcorn does not have GMO issues, which are serious.  There’s no messy pan cleanup.

The problem with popping in oil is…the oil.  Most vegetable oils are highly-processed, rancid, and nothing but trouble for your heart.  You could try unprocessed/unheated coconut oil or, even, beef or pork fat from grass-fed/holistically raised animals.  All of these fats can take a lot of heat.

When the popcorn is done, I sprinkle it with real sea salt and drown it with my wonderful, raw butter melted.  (You can’t eat too much raw butter.)


Yum Oh!  Just look at that popcorn!



I hope you all know NOT TO USE THOSE MICROWAVE POPCORN sacks in a microwave.  They are full of ingredients that are terribly harmful.  Google and you’ll turn over that info in a New York minute.

No, no, no, no….!!!

Now you’ll hear my voice echoing in your head…

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