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Turkey Tracks: Visiting Charleston, SC: Part III

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Turkey Tracks:  June 18, 2014

Visiting Charleston, SC:  Part III


Son Mike, DIL Tami, and their youngest daughter picked me up on Wednesday morning.

We dropped off my suitcase and headed out for Middleton Plantation where we had a fabulous Southern lunch buffet style.  My plate carried fried chicken, collard greens, corn pudding, cornbread, green salad, and cole slaw.  There was, of course, sweet tea.

After lunch we had a fascinating tour of the remaining house–the original main house was destroyed in the Civil War.  I thought our Bryan family might have had a tenuous connection to the Williams family who brought Middleton to the Middleton family through the marriage of Mary Williams to Henry Middleton, but at first glance I can’t find the Bryan connection to the low country plantations.  The Bryan’s settled originally in the Albemarle, Virginia, coastal area, but spread south as numerous children came along.  Oh well, that’s a project for another day.

Here’s a nice picture–taken just above the “butterfly” lakes, with the Ashley river in the background.  This would have been the view from the main house.


The grounds have a lot of farm animals–and a peacock, too.


How special to have time on a Wednesday with two people who work!

On Thursday, this guy “graduated” from a lower group of Montessori grades to a higher unit–which involves getting new teachers for the next few years.


He’s grown very tall since last summer.  As has his older brother.

We had a terrific nature tour of the inland waterway and a deserted barrier island on Friday.  And here I slacked off as I did not take the camera with me.  As a result, I have no pictures of two of these grandchildren.  How dumb is that?

I do have a picture of the new puppy dog–a golden doodle:


Honey DOES NOT SHED, is like an otter in the water, loves to play with the children, and is as soft as velvet.  Wow!  I suggested she go home with me to Maine but got no takers for that idea.

I had a lot of really good beach time with these children–including riding waves one day with the older ones.  There were many memorable meals–Mike is a terrific cook and made me GRITS topped with a pot roast stew and fabulous steaks.  There was a really fun and delicious dinner out for just the adults one night.  And, as with Bryan’s family, the time flew by and it was time to go home.

The boys will be coming up to Maine in August for a sailing camp–Mike will bring them–so we will have fun here as well.

It was a good visit, and I miss them all already!

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June 18, 2014 at 5:22 pm

Turkey Tracks: Visiting Charleston, SC: Part II.

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Turkey Tracks:  June 18, 2014

Visiting Charleston, SC:  Part II


The second stop was to my son Bryan’s home.

The plan:  help Bryan with my two youngest granddaughters while Corinne attended a family wedding in Dallas, Texas, over the weekend.

Older sister models Cinderella shoes for me:



Baby sister is Daddy’s Girl:


Bryan and I survived until Sunday noon when Mommy came home.

Bryan made terrific meals for the girls and for us.  Here’s Big Sister’s dinner one night:


Big Sister LOVES puzzles and works five or six each night before bed.  She needs no adult help:



I love these 2 by 4-feet puzzles as well and will try to find her more of them.  They offer some really good learning opportunities in many ways.


Corinne and I took the girls to the Charleston Aquarium on Monday and to the big Charleston library for a free, live performance of a “Puss and Boots” story–part of the big Spoleto/Piccolo annual festival in Charleston.

I am very impressed by how much live theater for children is occurring these days.

The girls love this big library–and we went home loaded down with books.


The time we had together flew by…

This crew will be coming to Maine in September.

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June 18, 2014 at 4:51 pm

Turkey Tracks: Visiting Charleston, SC: Part I

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Turkey Tracks:  June 18, 2014

Visiting Charleston, SC:  Part I


My family lives in Charleston, SC.

I live in Camden, Maine.

We visit back and forth, and I just came home from a family visit.  This visit was divided into three parts.

One goal this trip was to spend some time with Tara Derr Webb of the Farmbar and Deux Puces (two fleas) farm.   See url:  thefarmbar26.com.

Tara, in age, is exactly between my sons, who are 14 months apart.  She picked me up at the airport, and before too long, we were sitting on her dock–free for a moment as Tara’s husband Leighton volunteered to put the goats to bed.



Here’s our view–back to the house:


This kind of marsh grass is vital to the health and well-being of “the low country”–whose marshes and marsh creeks team with life.  The green is this year’s growth; the brown, last year’s.


Part of what Tara and I did was to mount a lacto-fermentation workshop–so we shopped for food most of one day.  A crucial stop was Grow Food Carolina, which is a local wholesale produce distributor that supports farmer’s within a 120-mile radius of Charleston. There we got boxes of beautiful greens.


A group of nine or so women came to the farm for the workshop.  Some were cooks, and some were artisans or entrepreneurs who will mount events at the farm featuring their work over the next year.  All, I hope, will enjoy the food they took home and will pass on what they learned.



In any case, they all seemed to enjoy the event.



Tara has forgotten more about food than I will ever know, so it’s always fun to eat/cook with her.  We made a number of meals, but we also visited a number of Charleston’s local restaurants.  One such was the newly opened Leon’s, which was delightful.





We also had, one day, a great hamburger at Sweetwater Cafe–where we sat outside at picnic tables.  The potato salad was so special.  And Five Loaves was another treat.

It’s a good thing I don’t actually live in Charleston as I would probably be a diabetic in two months time as the sweet tea is so delicious.

Tara has big, big plans for the Farmbar and Deux Puces.  It’s going to be a lot of fun to see how she develops her ideas in the years to come.

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June 18, 2014 at 4:34 pm