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Interesting Information: Charcoal for White Teeth

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Interesting Information:  June 29, 2014

Charcoal for White Teeth


Some months back, niece Nancy Howser Gardner posted an article about using charcoal to whiten teeth.

Here’s what I bought.  The bottle is full of capsules.  You break one open (into a glass or mug), dip in your toothbrush, and lightly brush.



I was SHOCKED at how black, black, black my toothbrush got, and my teeth, and everywhere I dripped–which is why I’m suggesting a glass or mug from the get-go.  My goodness, I thought, what have I done.

And then I rinsed.


The plus here is that the charcoal is highly absorbent, but takes away tea tannins, coffee stains, and the like–not the minerals from your teeth or the enzymes from your mouth.

No questionable chemicals here.  Just plain old charcoal.

Oh my goodness…

The remains in my toothbrush continued to clean, too.  And I’m thinking that the more one uses the charcoal, the more absorption of dark things takes place.



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June 29, 2014 at 3:20 pm

Turkey Tracks: My Bowl Runneth Over

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Turkey Tracks:  June 29, 2014

My Bowl Runneth Over

My strawberries are coming in!

Here’s the first day’s pick–Friday.  Something over two quarts.  The bowl is large.

These berries are, if I remember right, called “Sparkle” and are renowned for their taste.



The second day was even bigger.  I took a bigger bowl out to the garden.  Got around three quarts.



Today, Sunday, a smaller pick, but the berries are still large, and the bushes are loaded with developing strawberries that are still green.


I also cut the garlic scapes (delicious!) and will make a soup with them.  I made a chicken bone broth over the past two days.  And, I picked the heads off of each of the broccoli plants–now they will bush out and grow more heads.  Or so I hope.

Our first CSA pickup out at Hope’s Edge was last Friday.  We got the loveliest sack full of lettuce, greens, herbs, green onions AND three pounds of wintered-over potatoes–a tasty treat.  Get out the duck fat for frying some up!

It’s swimming HOT today.  But not so humid.  It’s the first solid summer heat we’ve had.

Yeah Summer!

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June 29, 2014 at 3:12 pm