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Turkey Tracks: “Cherry Tomatoes,” a poem

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Turkey Tracks:  October 8, 2014

“Cherry Tomatoes,” A Poem


I met Jeanine Gervais on the windjammer J&E Riggin this summer.

We were/are both writing/literature teachers at local colleges/universities.

Since the windjammer trip, we’ve been writing back and forth on email, daily.

Here’s the poem Jeanine sent me yesterday.  It really hit home as I had just been out in my own “mid-October” garden, picking cherry tomatoes.  She wrote it herself, of course.



Cherry Tomatoes

My back bends to pick cherry tomatoes

strung like pearls on winding branches

buried amongst rotted vegetables

blackened leaves

the garden in mid-October a shambles.

Cherry tomatoes hidden under

leaves like umbrellas

protected from wind and cold

holding steadfast, saying

Don’t forget me! Don’t forget me!

I am here. I am strong.

Jeanine H. Gervais

October 7, 2014

Written by louisaenright

October 8, 2014 at 1:48 pm

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