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Interesting Information: The Gold Standard: Double-Blind Studies and Cough Syrup, Antibiotics for Ear Infections, and Knee Arthritis

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Interesting Information:  October 27, 2014

The Gold Standard:

Double-Blind Studies and Cough Syrup, Antibiotics for Ear Infections, and Knee Arthritis


I had a really, really bad ear infection this summer.

Friends kept asking me if I’d been to the doctor to get an antibiotic.

But, somewhere I had read that antibiotics don’t really help ear infections.  And I am SUPER antibiotic cautious anyway as they wipe out ALL your gut flora and fauna, which is increasingly being shown to be a really dumb thing to do.  And, sometimes one’s immune system needs some inflammation to strengthen itself.

I did some selected herbs and some homeopathic treatments, and eventually, the ear infection resolved itself.  (I will not be swimming without ear plugs in our wild water next summer though.)


I’ve been catching up on back issues of various magazines in my read pile.  A sidebar in the November/December 2014 issue of Well Being Journal (7) caught my attention.  The sidebar referenced an article by Steven Bratman, MD, on the importance of using evidence-based medicine in the form of double-blind studies.  Here’s a quote.

The double-blind study has caused a revolution even in conventional medicine. Many old beliefs have been tossed out when double-blind studies were finally done. It’s been discovered, for example, that (as noted earlier) over-the-counter cough syrups don’t work,10 that immediate antibiotic treatment for ear infections is probably not necessary or even helpful in most cases,11-15, 30 and that cartilage scraping for knee arthritis is no better than placebo7.  (The numbers are footnotes).

The whole article can be read at the url below–and it’s a good article on why double-blind studies are so important.

So, now I’m asking myself WHY so much of what is practiced today in conventional medicine has NOT been proven via double-blind studies…

I hope you’re thinking about this issue, too, and asking for evidence of a double-blind study BEFORE you accept any drug, treatment, or so forth…

Double-Blind Studies.

Turkey Tracks: Miss Reynolds Georgia is Ready

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Turkey Tracks:  October 27, 2014

Miss Reynolds Georgia is Ready


to go in the car…


She does not look like she’s 12 years old, does she?

She doesn’t act like it either.  She plays and cavorts like a puppy.

She’ll be 13 on March 15, 2015.

Barring the two times I nearly killed her with the first/spring heartworm medicine pellet over the past three years (NOT this year as I finally learned and when Penny, who has a cast-iron stomach, reacted), she’s been pretty healthy.

She’s highly bred, so there have been some food issues–but not much any more since I can feed her whole ground chickens–the bones and organs and skin and EVERYTHING–mixed with my food, bone broths when I have them, and some dehydrated veggies for some of the food each week.  Oh, and chicken poop which she dearly loves.  Mercy!!

Her coat is Maine thick and as soft as velvet.

She is my shadow and runs my life a lot of the time.

I would not have it any other way.

PS:  Rey Rey is a “floppy ear” rat terrier, so she’s really listening or excited when her ears go up.

No No Penny’s ears are always up.  And No No Penny runs both Reynolds and me.



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October 27, 2014 at 2:56 pm

Turkey Tracks: “Ailey Loves Lighthouses” Quilt

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Turkey Tracks:  October 27, 2014

“Ailey Loves Lighthouses” Quilt


About 9 years ago, Denise Lanier, one of my Virginia quilting friends–with whom I have been quilting for something just shy of twenty years–gave me set of lighthouse blocks.

We had just moved to Maine, and she had just visited us in our new home.

The blocks sat pinned to my design wall for all that time.  Can you believe it?  I just could not find the right setting for these clever little blocks.  Either additional blocks detracted from them or the colors were too dark.

Then, along came Ailey, who adores our lighthouses.  And, along came all the polka dot fabrics…  And, at some point, the polka dots came close to the lighthouses.  Magic ensued.

Here’s what happened:



I’ll quilt it with a lime green thread–and will keep the quilting very simple and away from the lighthouses.  And it will be bound with another blue polka dot fabric I have.

Can’t wait to see it finished.

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October 27, 2014 at 2:44 pm