Interesting Information: Vandana Shiva is One of My Heroes

Interesting Information:  October 9, 2014

Vandana Shiva is One of My Heroes

I’ve been catching up on back issues of YES! magazine.

There is a thought-provoking article written by Vandana Shiva in the Winter 2013 issue of YES!

As always, YES! makes all its content available to you free online, and the url to this article is at the bottom of this blog post.

Here, Shiva is telling us about the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth, initiated by Bolivia.


When nature is a teacher, we ­co-create with her—we recognize her agency and her rights. That is why it is significant that Ecuador has recognized the “rights of nature” in its constitution. In April 2011, the United Nations General Assembly­—inspired by the constitution of Ecuador and the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth initiated by Bolivia—organized a conference on harmony with nature as part of Earth Day celebrations. Much of the discussion centered on ways to transform systems based on domination of people over nature, men over women, and rich over poor into new systems based on partnership.

The U.N. secretary general’s report, “Harmony with Nature,” issued in conjunction with the conference, elaborates on the importance of reconnecting with nature: “Ultimately, environmentally destructive behavior is the result of a failure to recognize that human beings are an inseparable part of nature and that we cannot damage it without severely damaging ourselves.”

AND, a bit more on the concept of “separatism,” or man being separate from nature, a belief which allows us to plunder the earth without regard for how that plundering affects all of us in the long run:

As philosopher and historian Carolyn Merchant points out, this shift of perspective—from nature as a living, nurturing mother to inert, dead, and manipulable matter—was well suited to the activities that would lead to capitalism. The domination images created by Bacon and other leaders of the scientific revolution replaced those of the nurturing Earth, removing a cultural constraint on the exploitation of nature. “One does not readily slay a mother, dig into her entrails for gold, or mutilate her body,” Merchant wrote.

Vandana Shiva: Everything I Need to Know I Learned in the Forest by Vandana Shiva — YES! Magazine.

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