Interesting Information: “A Smarter Way to Vaccinate”

Interesting Information:  October 27, 2014

” A Smarter Way to Vaccinate”

If you are a parent trying to figure out the vaccine conundrum…

Or someone thinking about getting a flu shot…

I have a gift for you:  Sarah Cimperman, N.D., has an article called “A Smarter Way to Vaccinate,” in the November/December 2014, issue of Well Being Journal.  

And guess what?  The whole article is on Cimperman’s web page–which is great as Well Being Journal does not allow access to its articles.

A Different Kind Of Doctor: A Smarter Way to Vaccinate.

***Cimperman has the best information about vaccines in one space I’ve seen in a long time–including information about individual vaccines.  There is, also, a section on “harm reduction strategies.”

I signed up for her blog.

A naturopath doc does not compete with a md doc, and they are good to know as they come at health problems with an entirely different tool box and with much more time than an md doc can these days.  They really try to figure out what’s wrong, for starters, rather than just throwing drugs at a problem.  And most of them have a certain reverence for diet and the ability of foods to heal.


AND, I want to say that I am not totally against the concept of vaccines.  I just want to see adequate science about them–including some long-term studies and some double-blind studies.  I want recognition that there are known and unknown risks with vaccines that are greater than most of us realize.  I want vaccine makers held legally responsible for vaccine damage–especially when there has NOT been adequate testing, as is true with Gardasil.  And I want parents to do their homework before allowing any vaccine to be given to their child.  Or, to themselves.


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