Interesting Information: Food Sensitivities: Amy Myers MD

Interesting Information:  April 2015


Amy Myers is a functional medicine MD.

Here’s an url to her site–which at the moment is featuring 10 signs of food sensitivities.

I used to be totally incapacitated with seasonal allergies–that started to be year round.  Bummer.

But when I began to make the connections between certain foods I was eating and stopped eating them, the seasonal allergies went away.

I don’t really have them any more–or not the streaming eyes, blowing nose version.  (I do have heightened sensitivities in the early spring that certain foods can trigger–foods I can eat just fine the rest of the year.)

I will say that I also work with a homeopath and have for about 10 years now, and I know she has made a huge difference in my constitutional health.  (I don’t seem to get poison ivy any more, for instance.)

Amy Myers MD.

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