Interesting Information: What is Homeopathy?

Interesting Information:  April 22, 2015

What is Homeopathy?

When I first moved to Maine I’d never heard of homeopathy.

At the time, I had crippling back aches and joint pains and had just recovered from a case of poison ivy so severe that it went all over my body so that I had huge patches of open, weeping sores everywhere.

Friends here connected me with a terrific homeopath.

Eleven years later, I’m so happy to be working with a homeopath.

I’d try to explain the diametrical differences between mainstream medicine (allopathic medicine) and homeopathic medicine, but I think Amy Lansky does a much better job.

And, yes, there’s plenty of science and lots of studies behind homeopathic medicine:  you just never get to read any of them.  In my terms, that’s how a market works to demonize, ridicule, and drive out a competitor.

I have not had a bad case of poison ivy in twelve years.  I have no more constant pain.  And I am rarely, rarely sick–not even with a cold.

I also now have my own fledging little homeopathic medicine chest which I use when I need to.

Take a look?

The Side of Amy Lansky on Homeopathy.

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