Interesting Information: Liver Detoxification: Starve or Nourish?

Interesting Information:  April 23, 2015

Liver Detoxification:  Starve or Nourish

Well, it’s spring, and our thoughts turn toward spring cleaning in all sorts of ways, including our bodies.

What about liver cleanses?

About this time of the year I start to hear people talking of juice cleanses and other ways they feel they need to detox their bodies from a winter of eating what they feel are heavier goods.

I’ve always believed that if we were eating nutrient dense foods–whatever the season–our bodies would be just fine because they’d be getting exactly what they need to function optimally.

This article by Tabitha Farrar, in the Weston A. Price Foundation’s journal Wise Traditions Fall 2014 discusses this whole issue of detoxing “cleanses.”


Liver Detoxification: Starve or Nourish? | Weston A Price.


Farrar is a health editor and writer, believer in eating nutrient-dense foods, and the author of the upcoming book LOVE FAT.  So, she is not a scientist or MD, but she does provide a “jumping off” place on this topic if you want to dig deeper.

First she notes the lack of medical literature to support claims that we need to detox.

Next, she explores how the liver actually works in our bodies–and comes to the conclusion that, for instance, the master cleanse promoted by Mike Olaski “might actually work to put stress on the liver and deprive it of nutrients, and consequently have the opposite effect of its purported claims.”

How?  She goes on to detail the pitfalls.  There are sidebars discussing other cleanses, including one devised by Dr. Oz.

She also notes that detoxification is an industry meant to sell you something.  So, beware.

Don’t confuse “cleansing” with “cleanliness.”

Remember that the liver is a filter.  Toxins don’t stay in the liver.  They are moved along.  And, hopefully, out.

But I am simplifying a more complex subject, which Farrar covers quite well.

Do read, as it’s always good to know how your body actually works.

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