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Interesting Information/Vaccines: The Flu Vaccine

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Interesting Information/Vaccines:  April 30, 2015

 The Flu Vaccine

Here in America, we’re pretty much past the massive push to get the flu vaccine that starts each fall.

But in Australia, fall is just beginning.

Only, there is a history in Australia regarding the flu vaccine and its use in children under five.

Back in 2010, there was a major incident with Flumax:


And in 2013, a repeated problem as some young children were again vaccinated by docs who were, apparently, asleep at the wheel:


Now, in 2015, young children are, again, being targeted for the flu shot.

Only, you should know that ANY vaccine can be terribly dangerous to you or your children–even if the resulting outcome can be just called “a bad batch” of the drugs.   So, proceed with care…

* * *

In America, we vaccinate very young children with the flu shot…

You should know that flu shots in America still contain mercury.  Thimersol is ethyl mercury, a more toxic mercury than the original mercury used in vaccines.  And you should know that there are hundreds of strains of flu running around the world, but only THREE in whatever vaccine you might opt to get.  So, flu shots are a crap shoot.  They’re also very, very, very profitable.

Formaldehyde, a known toxin, is included to kill the live flu viruses in the vaccine.  But, does it kill with certainly ALL the virus components?  And what’s it doing to YOU?

Me, I’m thinking my immune system is much better protection against flu than a vaccine full of mercury and other toxins which will compromise my immune system.

Here’s a little video discussing the flu vaccine.  It’s one of the outtakes from BOUGHT, the movie.

Bought Movie Bonus Short- The Flu Vaccine – Bought Movie.

Here’s a quote from the text:

In 2001, out of the 60,000 people that the CDC said died of Flu that year in the United States there were 18 confirmed deaths from Influenza. I mean that’s just a huge discrepancy. What they do is they pull all deaths in the winter that have anything to do with respiratory symptoms together and they all label them as Flu deaths whether they’ve even documented Flu or not. And so the CDC loves to promote the Flu vaccine because the CDC’s been very much in cahoots with the industry. This vaccine doesn’t work, it’s a waste of our money, it’s a waste of our time. Many people who’ve received the flu shot report getting the flu shortly after they’ve gotten the shot.

When the CDC, OUR GOVERNMENT–which is supposed to be protecting US–plays fast and loose with numbers like this example, you know that corruption is afoot.

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