Interesting Information/Vaccines: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Interesting Information:  May 4, 2015

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Thimersol/Ethyl Mercury

 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is an environmental activist.

(Yes, he’s Robert Kennedy’s son.)

Robert Kennedy would be proud of him as RFK, Jr., has spent his life trying to make the world a better place.

RFK, Jr., is NOT anti-vaccine.  He vaccinated his own children.  (I personally wonder if he would now.)

Back in the early 2000’s, Kennedy was speaking against the toxins spewed by coal-fired plants, and he kept running across women who asked him to investigate the connections between mercury in vaccines and autism.  Many, many women told him that their children were fine until they had one of the vaccines containing mercury.

Eventually, Kennedy did start to research, and he was horrified with what he found.  He meticulously documented his investigatory trail and when he was finished in 2005, he tried to get mainstream media to publish the results.  NO ONE WOULD PUBLISH/AIR/TAKE SERIOUSLY HIS WORK.

You know what, you need to judge for yourself what he found–which includes that fact that a US Senator successfully hid information connecting ethyl mercury in vaccines, now called thimersol, by placing the federal documents in lock-down within the confines of the Homeland Security Bill of 2002.  Yes, the science has been hidden from American citizens–in order to protect the vaccine industry and those who have profited form it.

Here’s the url to Kennedy’s journey.  You will find it is cited.  You’ll also find it enormously upsetting and interesting.

Here’s an interview with Bill Maher–one of the few media people who have been willing to shed some bit of tiny light on the problems with an industry that has no controls on its behavior and on government regulatory agencies that are now run by industry.

The media and vaccines – Bought Movie.

Kennedy’s book is  THIMEROSOL:  LET THE SCIENCE SPEAK:   The Evidence Supporting the Immediate Removal of Mercury—a Known Neurotoxin—from Vaccines.  


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