Turkey Tracks: Subaru Storage Box Project

Turkey Tracks:  February 7, 2016

Subaru Storage Box Project

The storage box between the two front seats is where No No Penny likes to “ride.”

Both dogs toenails can and do pit the padded top of that box.

So, a few years back, I made a quilted top meant to fit over the top.

Only it never did very well…

And time and sun damage meant it was time to do something else.

One day, friend Mary Sue Bishop got into my car, took one look at the worn-out box protector, and said “I’m making you a new one.”


Here’s what she was seeing:

IMG_0921 IMG_0922

Here’s what she made:


The dogs weight and “digging in” with the motion of the car can make the protector slide a bit, but it isn’t going anywhere.


Mary used three strips of velcro to anchor the protector against the above force–and the really important one goes from front to back.  (I had only used elastic side strips.)

She also put in a draw string ribbon, so as the fabric stretches with use, I can tighten it up.

It’s brilliant!  It works!  It matches the car!  And I love it !

Thanks Mary Sue Bishop.

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3 thoughts on “Turkey Tracks: Subaru Storage Box Project”

  1. Hello Louisa. Did you knit that lovely vest? Get your Reny’s boots out for a couple of inches of snow tomorrow. 🙂

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