Turkey Tracks: March Quilty Update

Turkey Tracks:  March 7, 2016

March Quilty Update


I’ve been distracted with all the political hoopla of late and suspect some of you have as well.

But the distraction has not prevented me from quilting.

The “mother ship” is coming along.  Since this picture I’ve filled that hole on the left and am almost done with the right side piece that will fill below the red and purple flowers.


This quilt is from Edyta Sitar’s Handfulls of Scraps.

“Crayon Box Crumbs” is on Lucy the long arm.  I’ll likely finish her up today.


I’m liking the teal border a lot and will go out to a violet/purple binding.  Teal, violet/purple, and red orange are a “triad” on the color wheel.   (Thanks Janet K. for seeing I needed a border on this quilt.)


And now there are FOUR of Bonnie Hunter’s Wild and Goosey blocks.


Friend Becca Babb-Brott, who has an Etsy store, Sing Me A Song, helped me find a background fabric for these blocks–which will be set with a 3 1/2 inch wide sashing and as-yet -undetermined cornerstones.  Maybe the Wild and Goosey corner block or maybe a small nine-patch.  The sashing fabric is a pale grey tiny polka dot–which we think is in keeping with the black and white narrow sashing in these blocks.

What to do with more of the crumb bag–which seens to be breeding in the night?

These blocks, which have 4-inch crumb centers:


It’s easy to cut the surrounding “square” with the Companion Angle ruler.  Use the Easy Angle ruler for the half triangles.  Quick and easy and no loss of fabric or fiddling with tiny triangles with the flip and sew and trim method.

Becca and I chose a modern, mottled blue kind of fabric for the narrow sashings see in this block.  These blocks are inspired by a Bonnie Hunter quilt, “Nine in the Middle,” as seen in her book Adventures with Leaders and Enders.  Bonnie used a nine-patch where I am using the string/crumb center.

At some point about two weeks ago, I realized I would need at least 7 1/2 yards of fabric for the outer triangles for the Farmer’s Wives blocks and that the cream I was using wouldn’t be large enough.

Again, Becca helped me choose a new fabric–and I really love it.  The soft aqua/teal is just making ALL the blocks sing.  Having to take the triangles off of the 16 completed blocks went faster than I would have thought and was well worth the effort.  (Still struggling over how to set these blocks.)




I’ve been working on the March allotment of 8 Farmer’s Wife blocks–we are trying for 9 a month to complete the 99 blocks.  Here are the ones I’ve completed so far:



Carol–the darks are a dark, soft charcoal grey:




And, two of Caroline as I did not like the first one so much–not enough contrast between two of the fabrids:




Granddaughter Mina’s quilt is taking place on the design wall.  Pics when more blocks are done.  AND I’ve got all the units done for a blue/neutral Jacob’s ladder quilt made from the blue/neutral four-patch project of last summer.

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