Turkey Tracks: May is Makers’ Month: Busy Hands Quilts

Turkey Tracks:  May 30, 2016

May is Makers’ Month:

Busy Hands Quilt:  “Brick Cottage Lane”

I am always looking for patterns that will use the squares and rectangles I have cut from fabric left over from other quilts.

I am more inclined to buy a few patterns in May, in order to support some of the designers, many of which are young women with families and who are trying to make a living with their creativity.

This quilt pattern came through on a blogspot feed I get every day that throws up about 20 blogs in which their system thinks I might be interested.

“Brick Cottage Lane” by Myra of Busy Hands Quilts


I love this pattern as it uses 2 by 3 1/2-inch rectangles.  It’s hard to find interesting patterns that use these rectangles.

If you go to Myra’s blog, scroll down to find this pattern.

Source: Busy Hands Quilts

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