Turkey Tracks: Chickie Babies Report

Turkey Tracks:  June 1, 2016

Chickie Babies Report

I went to see Rose a few days ago to have a coffee and visit with her and to see our baby chicks’ growth.

It had been about a week since I had last seen them.

They are getting SO BIG.  And Rose has them in the big hen house now–with a heat lamp when needed.

Remember, these are our special Blue Wheaten Americanas.  Can you tell which ones might be roosters yet?



We can’t…  Though we have some lively guessing going on.

I’m wondering if the ones with blacker wings might be???

We are worried about this one.  S/he is away from the others and just does not look “right.”


Rose picked up some adorable chicks that are meant to be hens the other day–excess ones the hardware store wanted to place.  They are two different breeds, and we can’t wait to see their feather colors when they grow up.  I forget their fancy names at the moment.  One of these will wind up being gold.  She’s in the front, to the left.  I think…  See the gold on her little face?


It’s really hard to resist baby chicks.   And I miss my chickens’ antics and good humor.

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