Turkey Tracks: My Design Wall is Crazy

Turkey Tracks:  June 10, 2016

My Design Wall is Crazy

…or I am…

My goodness!!


Have you ever?

Mina’s quilt is on the long arm as well.

The top quilt is working as a leader/ender project using the red/neutral four-patch blocks from summer before last.

The left project is Amy Friend’s “Tell Me A Story” quilt.

The far right project blocks are the “quilt-lets.”  I’ve almost caught up now.

The middle are scrappy, funky blocks for the group of four making blocks for each others’ attempts at a Jen Kingwell kind of scrappy, modern, “evolving” quilt–see earlier posts on this project.  But, we are each making multiples of four to share with each other.


The sacks pinned to the left side of the wall are filled with blocks in various stages for the group project–we’re going to give each other our blocks in late summer some time–and with parts of blocks for the “Wild and Goosey” foundation piecing project for my youngest granddaughter.  (That one will take some time to finish.)

What you can’t see is the bedroom bed on this floor covered with piles of fabrics, the hexie quilt waiting for its borders, the blue/neutral quilt waiting for two more rows, and supplies for the Farmer’s Wife and Katja Marek blocks.

Oh my goodness!!  It’s bedlam for sure.

But, I am having fun.

Turkey Tracks: Salt Water Bays and Alewives

Turkey Tracks:  June 10, 2016

Salt Water Bays and Alewives

I made a run down to Alewives Quilting in Damariscotta Mills, Maine, on Thursday.  Mary Sue Bishop went with me.

Mary had never been the back way into Damariscotta Mills that skirts around the edges of the salt water bay that rises up to meet Damariscotta Lake.  Here’s where folks built a fish ladder that now lets the alewives get into the lake to spawn.

It was a gorgeous day, and the fields were filled with flowers:  buttercups, white Marguerite Daisies, lupine in shades that range from purple to pinks to whites, are among spring’s offerings.

I stopped and took this little video.  Note how the wind is blowing the grass.  Truman Capote called this effect “the grass harp.”

Here are some still pics:

Mary riding shotgun.  We ran into each other in town on Wednesday, and we both had on spring green sweaters.  Today we both had on turquoise.  It’s funny the way friends can do this kind of thing.  We laughed over it.



I forget every spring how gorgeous the lupines are and how many of them are along the roadsides.


Turkey Tracks: Friday Garden Day

Turkey Tracks:  June 10, 2016

Friday Garden Day

It’s once again time to mow.  I also weed-whacked and blew off the porch.  The latter is not easy for me as the blower is heavy and cumbersome.  And, the oak tassels were sticking in the spaces between the back deck planks.  But, the porch is so pretty when it is all ready for summer.


Some really good sitting, reading, eating, and visiting takes place on this porch every summer.




The flower pots are filling out now…


The violas are loving our cool June nights.



I found this poor creature when blowing near the table.  I have a hummer feeder on this back deck.


His feathers glowed iridescent in the sun.

They are so, so tiny.

Did he run into the window?

I don’t have so many this summer.  Not like years past…

I worked for some time in the veggie garden before I got hot and hungry.  I’m ready to plant the warm weather crops now, but our nights have been so cool yet.  We dipped down into the high 40s last night.