Turkey Tracks: More Katja Marek Quiltlets

Turkey Tracks:  June 19, 2016

More Katja Marek Quiltlets

By the end of June, I should have completed 26 blocks to be “caught up.”

Here are blocks 19, 20, and 21.




Blocks 22 and 23 are organized.

I’m getting there!

Here’s what the quilt looks like now:


Block positions are apt to change as more blocks get completed.  There are 52 blocks in all.

This project is from Katja Marek’s 2016 “quilt-along” project.  The blocks are from her book THE NEW HEXAGON.  Paper pieces can be found at paperpieces.com.  Each “quilt-let” is a finished quilt.  The quiltlets will be sewn together to make the quilt.  I will use mine as a wall-hanging.

Turkey Tracks: Improv Quilt Blocks

Turkey Tracks:  June 19, 2016

Improv Quilt Blocks

I took some time this week to play with scrap fabrics and improv blocks.

Funky flowers emerged:


Maybe they need at least one leaf on the stem–so they don’t look like lollipops.  I’m thinking that would not be hard to applique in a leaf.  It would be easy to open along the edge of the stem to insert the bottom of the leaf…

Or, I could make a leaf with green thread–either by hand (pearl cotton!!!!) or machine quilting.  (You know how I love pearl cotton, so you can guess what I’m likely to do here.)

That’s improv for you…

Here are close-ups of two blocks:



It would be easy to remove the top and bottom strips when it comes time to use these blocks.

For the most part, the fabrics are coming out of my scrap bins.

I sorted those bins this week and threw out all the too-tiny pieces.  Yes, I could sew them together and make fabric, but the pieces I threw were really small and mostly triangles.  Maggie Schwamb gave me permission to do it.

Yeah Maggie!

Turkey Tracks: Red Poppies

June 19, 2016

Red Poppies

I love the red poppies that bloom in Maine in June.

I have a small bunch of them.

The poppies are outstanding this year.


Buddha is happy to have this new spot this summer.


St. Francis wanted to live alongside the garage this summer:


I see him and think about his gentleness and love of nature every time I go into the garage–which is several times each day.

June Derr’s Sungazer Indian is on the front porch this year.

And Bedo likes his spot along the drive so went out there again.

I’ve shown you these guys many times, so will not repeat.  Just making the point that I honor all who show us paths to the mountain top.

Especially this week…