Turkey Tracks: Improv Quilt Blocks

Turkey Tracks:  June 19, 2016

Improv Quilt Blocks

I took some time this week to play with scrap fabrics and improv blocks.

Funky flowers emerged:


Maybe they need at least one leaf on the stem–so they don’t look like lollipops.  I’m thinking that would not be hard to applique in a leaf.  It would be easy to open along the edge of the stem to insert the bottom of the leaf…

Or, I could make a leaf with green thread–either by hand (pearl cotton!!!!) or machine quilting.  (You know how I love pearl cotton, so you can guess what I’m likely to do here.)

That’s improv for you…

Here are close-ups of two blocks:



It would be easy to remove the top and bottom strips when it comes time to use these blocks.

For the most part, the fabrics are coming out of my scrap bins.

I sorted those bins this week and threw out all the too-tiny pieces.  Yes, I could sew them together and make fabric, but the pieces I threw were really small and mostly triangles.  Maggie Schwamb gave me permission to do it.

Yeah Maggie!

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I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

2 thoughts on “Turkey Tracks: Improv Quilt Blocks”

  1. I really like these. They are great! I would love to see a quilt done with this more free flow design. Very attractive.

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