Turkey Tracks: Some Pretty Pictures

Turkey Tracks:  February 24, 2017

Some Pretty Pictures

A number of interesting pictures have come into my email recently.  This one is a picture of the environs around our Snow Bowl (our ski run), taken from a place called the Crow’s Nest.  (Thanks Marsha Smith.)  You can see the bay beyond the land.  And the very old mountain/hills that I love.  And the beauty I see in winter here.


This amazing picture shows the valley in the cleft between two mountains filled with fog one morning recently–due to our warm temps hitting 3+ feet of snow.  This pic was on the Snow Bowl’s Facebook page, with a credit to Marisa Hanning.  Marsha Smith sent me this link as well.


Here’s one of Judy Berk’s amazing photos.  Yummy.  Look at all those blues.  They aren’t done via a filter; the blues are just there, especially this time of year.


My turkeys are getting bold this winter.


And winter means amaryllis bulbs.  Rose Lowell gave me this one.  Isn’t it a beauty?


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