Turkey Tracks: Solstice 2017: Yesterday and Today and Tomorrow

Turkey Tracks:  December 21, 2017

Solstice 2017:  Yesterday and Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday got away from me.

Instead of a “bad hair day,” I had a “bad broken things day.”

The new dishwasher has some “water intake” issue going on and is stopping mid-cycle and sending flashing messages.  I’ve tried everything I know.  The Kelsey repair folks will come next Tuesday to figure it out.

First thing in the morning, the Subaru wouldn’t start.  I had not left anything on in the car.  Bad battery?  It is the original one–so 7 years old.

I had errands to run before calling AAA roadside assistance, so headed to Rockland.  On the way, the low tire pressure light came on in the Toyota.  Thank you Eastern Tire folks for sorting out the tire pressure on the spot.

Back home, AAA came and confirmed the battery was a goner.  I had to run down to the Camden AAA site (Cooper Tires) without turning off the car, and those folks immediately installed a new battery.  It was too late in the day to take the car to Eastern Tire, and I couldn’t turn it off for the night as it would not start the next day.

I feel so lucky to have such good resources where I live.  The Cooper Tire folks were so nice.


Today is a whole different story.

For one thing, Penny and I had a long walk after a walking hiatus of nearly two weeks.   As it is Solstice and as we were walking finally, I had walking Haikus spinning in my head all along the way.  They tell a kind of story, so here goes:


December 21, 2017

Low Solstice sun makes

Long shadow fingers on land

Tomorrow, the shift



December 21, 2017

Painful bursitis

Traps me inside for days

Walking joy returns



December 21, 2017

Twenty degrees means

Wool hat with ear flaps needed

I have two of those


I also got all the ice off the hot tub cover–and made a path to the hot tub.  Letting ice form on the hot tub is a huge “no no” as it is so, so hard to get it off, and it is very heavy.  We are expecting more snow in the next few days, so it’s good my arm could do this work.  A mouse ran out of the snow bank behind the hot tub.  Penny went nuts.  The mice might like the warmth the hot tub generates.  Now if I will just find time to actually get in the thing.  I love the dark and the stars out there at night–but I also sew until I stop to eat starting late afternoon.  And I am so NOT a morning person.  I have no interest in getting into the hot tub in the morning.  I suppose I should try…  Perhaps this desire is a New Year’s resolution.  I could do with LESS news first thing in the morning.  That’s the time, though, that I connect with friends online.

Tomorrow the days begin to get longer again.

I love these long night days, but I also love the turning of the seasons as they cycle around us over and over.




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