Turkey Tracks: White Christmas!

Turkey Tracks:  December 24, 2017

White Christmas!

The Camden Snowbowl opened for business this week.

There is snow all the way to the top of the mountain.  We have a good base AND we are expecting a foot of snow tonight and tomorrow.  All day tomorrow.  Cold temps will ensure it sticks.

It’s kind of odd, really, after such a long and warm fall.  Since I have lived in Maine–going on 14 years now–it is not usual to have this much snow in December.  We’ve had three or four storms now (I’ve lost count until the plow bill comes in-$$$$) this month alone.   What will the REAL winter bring?

I’ve had a band of six male turkeys for some weeks now–begging for food.  They whine until I throw some black-oiled sunflower seeds to them in the morning.  They practically follow me around when I go outside and have taken to coming up on the side porch and looking in the windows.  The hens showed up this morning–getting ready for the coming storm I imagine.  The males are already displaying to them.

Here are views from the house:  you’ve seen these views many times on this blog of course.  I never tire of them.  Here’s the side toward the woods.

The front and down the hill:

I love snow, and I love the peace of winter.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to One and All of you.

Turkey Tracks: Flannel Dress Finished

Turkey Tracks:  December 24, 2017

Flannel Dress Finished

100 Acts of Sewing, Dress No. 3

I chose a very subtle flannel for this dress.

It’s plain.  I like the flannel fabric a lot.  It has nice lines.  I like the open edges on the hem–will look nice over leggings.  It will be a comfy treat.

It can be layered for the winter, but looks best, I think, for fall or spring with maybe a lighter cotton sweater.  I can’t really wear a wool sweater next to my skin.  My cotton turtleneck t’s are a bit heavy for it, but will work.  Maybe it needs a very thin knit top underneath??  Will think about that possibility.  But would like one with a bit of a mock turtle neck.  I could also make it a bit shorter for a kind of long tunic look.  I thought about pockets, but decided not for this dress in this fabric.  I do love pockets though.  Seam pockets would be better, but I do not know how to do that.  Yet.

The neckline came out really well and was great practice for me.  I made my own bias strip:

I am having so much fun!