Turkey Tracks: Flannel Dress Finished

Turkey Tracks:  December 24, 2017

Flannel Dress Finished

100 Acts of Sewing, Dress No. 3

I chose a very subtle flannel for this dress.

It’s plain.  I like the flannel fabric a lot.  It has nice lines.  I like the open edges on the hem–will look nice over leggings.  It will be a comfy treat.

It can be layered for the winter, but looks best, I think, for fall or spring with maybe a lighter cotton sweater.  I can’t really wear a wool sweater next to my skin.  My cotton turtleneck t’s are a bit heavy for it, but will work.  Maybe it needs a very thin knit top underneath??  Will think about that possibility.  But would like one with a bit of a mock turtle neck.  I could also make it a bit shorter for a kind of long tunic look.  I thought about pockets, but decided not for this dress in this fabric.  I do love pockets though.  Seam pockets would be better, but I do not know how to do that.  Yet.

The neckline came out really well and was great practice for me.  I made my own bias strip:

I am having so much fun!

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