Turkey Tracks: Turkeys in Trees and Clue 5

Turkey Tracks:  December 26, 2017

Turkeys in Trees and Clue 5

It snowed all day yesterday.

I have about a foot on the ground up here on Howe Hill Road.  It’s pretty, very light, and very sparkly snow.

The plow/shovel guys came early, followed by Kelsey’s Appliance.  There is no way a van truck would be getting up my drive with a foot of unplowed snow on the ground.  The dishwasher is fixed–after a very nice conversation with the repair man.  Thank you Tom Jackson for sending the plow team.

The male turkeys spent most of the day in the trees out front yesterday–which is interesting because they usually roost in the big pines to the side of the house.  Why the bare trees, I wondered?  The tops of these trees were whipping around like crazy in the worst of the snow.  Are they safer than the big pines in a storm?  Or do the turkeys like the ride?  Who knows.

Four of the usual six that hang about here are in this picture–two on the left and two on the right.  One of the dark shapes on the left is a huge squirrel nest.

I spent some portion of the day working on Clue 5 of Bonnie Hunter’s 2017 mystery quilt, “On Ringo Lake.”

This clue wants flying geese units–in the dark fabric and neutrals.

I really love the new corner ruler Bonnie surfaced for this quilt.

The angle piece helps cut the side triangles, and the square side measures units. The ruler t is especially nice for cutting units from strips.  The orientation lines are wonderfully accurate for all the tasks..

Here’s a close-up:

I have not had to sliver trim one of the MANY flying geese units we have made now.  Of course, I fiddled with the needle position to get the needle sewing in the perfect place first–before chain piecing.


One does have to pay attention to WHERE one is making the angle cut though.  Or one gets this kind of unit.

Fortunately, as I’m working in piles of ten, I only did this ONCE.  I was too engrossed in my downloaded book I guess.  Or, it was time to STOP and WALK AWAY.



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