Turkey Tracks: August 2018 Update

Turkey Tracks:  August 4, 2018

August 2018 Update

What a lovely summer I am having—complete with terrific visits from the families of both sons.  Since I have not been able to travel to see them, I am so grateful for their visits.  And I cannot get over how much the children have grown.

Bryan, Corinne, and the three girlies came in early July and were here for the 4th.  These girlies are almost 8, 5, and 3.  Here they are, having hiked up Mt. Battie to the top of the tower.  We had some really hot and humid weather while they were here.

Mike, Tami, and their four (almost 15, 12, and 11) and 13 in February 2019 came later in July and just left this past Thursday.

I am missing them all already, of course.

Summer is family time in Maine.  So I have not gotten much sewing done—either of quilts or of clothes.

The Mt. Battie Modern mostly “traveling quilts” wrapped up, and I’ll post those pictures in another post after I catch up on what needs to be done around the house and yard.  There are still some blocks to be finished for some folks.  My quilt is missing one, for instance.  It will come in due time.  And, some labels.  I’m putting the binding on my Valse Brilliante (Willyene Hammerstein) quilt now.  So, there will be pictures of it soon, too.  “Long Time Gone” just needs 6 more pineapple blocks—I love making those.  Then I can begin to sew the sections together.  What a fun project.  I almost need to make another one (no!) to incorporate what I learned in the process.

Meanwhile, there is rotten wood on an eve that might be housing a red squirrel nest and is letting in ants into the dry storage areas on the third level.  There is always something with a house, isn’t there?

As I said, more later…




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