Ready For Binding

Turkey Tracks: June 13, 2020

Ready for Binding

I finished this quilting project last night.

I quilted on my domestic with a 12-weight cotton thread I’ve had hanging around for some time. (I have some parchment color too. Yum.) And I used a titanium top stitch needle—size 90/14.

You can see how pretty this heavier thread is in the following pictures.

This project went really well, and I just trimmed it. So, on to the binding, which means I’ll have some hand sewing next week.

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7 thoughts on “Ready For Binding”

  1. Wow, 12 wt in the machine! I thought it was only for hand quilting. I worry about the idea of a titanium needle in the machine. My quilting mentor suggested to me that the needle will do damage to the machine before it can break, and I have put 2 through the bobbin case while Free Motion Quilting. They are banished from my sewing room. Curious what you did for thread in the bobbin? I love simple straightline quilting with a walking foot the bestt .

    1. Hello! Wow! Thanks for the cautions on the titanium sewing machine needles. The 12-wt thread worked just fine in the machine—and I used it in the bobbin as well. It is a very silky, shiny thread—-not thick and coarse at all. A sewing teacher and pattern designer from whom I have taken several classes over the years, likes these titanium, top stitch needles for her foundation piecing patterns. She would use a smaller one (75/12) for that work. I did like this needle for the 12-wt thread, but would only use this big one for top stitching with a thicker thread. I think it would handle something like the thread one uses to top stitch jeans, for instance. Most of the time, I piece with a Microtex sharp needle 75/12. But your cautions are well warranted, I think, especially for free-motion quilting. But that work I do on my longarm with a 40wt. thread (Signature).

      1. I love a topstitch needle. I’ve used them with a group of “seniors” that I help to sew and they are much easier to thread . Schmetz brand. Not easy to find. My LQS sells them. I will keep the Microtex sharp in mind. 🙂

  2. Louisa- Very very pretty quilt. I enjoy hand stitching the binding on. I do it when the quilter has hand ailments like Caroline & Used to be Denise. Your area looks so pretty. I’m going to make a point to come back up. I need to get a new license first. Take care friend. Rosie-

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