It’s a Rainy Day!

Turkey Tracks: July 9, 2021

It’s A Rainy Day!

Yesterday was BUSY—and included whether or not to mow before the remnants of Elsa provide us (one hopes) with more rain today and tomorrow.

I made a fast run up to Belfast to get the raw butter to which I am addicted!

When I got back into Camden, I took AC for a quick run at the Snow Bowl field—trying to beat local thunder storms in our area.

The Pickerel Rush is blooming along the edges of the pond. Isn’t it pretty?

When I got home, I could see that the grass-overnight—clearly grew enough that it needed to be mowed before getting two days of rain. So I hauled on boots and went to work. It was cool, with a breeze, so this task turned out to be a really pleasant one.

Along the way I got hungry, so reheated leftovers and had a late, late lunch/early dinner and then got in a little sewing time.

Today I woke to rain, and the radar shows the big part of the storm is now just to our South.

More sewing today, as all of my household tasks are done for the week. That’s always a good feeling.