I Never Get Tired…

Turkey Tracks: July 24, 2021

I Never Get Tired…

…of watching AC doggie in the woods and water.

This swell in the land is boggy and filled with “things that jump away,” like small frogs.

That tail goes a mile a minute when he’s hunting.

The fox-like springing up and pouncing with front feet is his modus opperendi when he hunts in tall grass. This time out I missed the first line of jumps, but they were at least 4 feet off the ground.

These degraded mushrooms were just out in the middle of the field. They could be the poisonous Jack-O-Lantern, but the one I picked smelled really sweet.

I want to go sew some now that I’ve worn down AC’s super energy, so I’m not going to look through my books right now to see what other possibilities I can find. The dark centers are almost a deep purple. Nature is a really good color artist.