Dessert Before Lunch?

Turkey Tracks: July 25, 2021

Dessert Before Lunch?

You betcha—when the raspberries are ripe.

I can’t pass them without stopping to eat some—and most of the time, I eat all the ripe ones on the spot.

It’s what raspberries and summer are for, right?

In any case, my raspberry bushes are just in their first year, so production is not overwhelming yet. The ripe berries each day just fit into my palm. For the most part…LOL.

Yesterday, in the midst of mass production of the scrappy centers for the “Funky” wedding ring quilt—I needed 40 more—I paused to play with some of the scraps.

And I can say this improv session was fun. And took a fairly long time as this kind of sewing is intense.

This block trimmed to 12 inches, and I can see that it needs to be much bigger in order to work in the strips with short pieces. And it needs to have funky sewn strips, not these nice neat ones.

I’m going to draw a pattern on freezer paper to use for trimming as my triangle rulers aren’t big enough. I can use my big squares to get the pattern right I think. The blog needs to be 16 to 20 inches big to allow for funky strips and additions of the little stripe strip in various places.

I’ll take this prototype apart and make the pieces bigger.

My inspiration is a quilt Maria Shell made

So, here goes another project—but I’ll put it on hold for now and get back to the “Funky” wedding ring parts that need to have their triangle pieces installed.