I Lost My Mojo For This Quilt

Turkey Tracks: September 12, 2021

I Lost My Mojo For This Quilt

I started this EPP project in 2018.

It’s the “36-Ring Circus” designed by Joanne Lewis. The pattern and template kit are at Paper Pieces.

I am using Cotton+Steel/Ruby Star Society fabrics for the centers, pastel solids for the rings, and darker solids for the rest.

I now have three rows done after three years—three more to go.

But it seems I put off working on it to do other handwork on a regular basis.

It is an elegant pattern, for sure.

But it is hard and in many ways, seems tedious to me. Sewing the rings to the centers is…hard. I’ve found taping from the front and using a flat stitch on the back helps.

I have all the solid pieces cut and glued, so I will finish it someday.

I hope it doesn’t take another three years—one for each row!!!

I did organize all the centers for the 4th row, so that’s something. The first center is done, but not the rings.

Meanwhile, I seem to be more than a little interested in wedding ring quilt versions.

Here’s the funky one whose top is now done: from Freddie Moran and Gwen Marston’s book FREDDY AND GWEN COLLABORATE AGAIN: FRIENDS.

And Tara Faughnan’s Wedding Ring Quilt:

I’m ready to start sewing together the last and final row.

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5 thoughts on “I Lost My Mojo For This Quilt”

  1. The three row pastels piece at top is pretty, but if you are not enjoying it, why torture yourself by making more rows? Why not leave it as it is? It is certainly a pretty piece already, and could be considered done!

    1. I have thought of calling it quits, for sure. I just set up the 4th row though—and I have so much time and $$$ invested at this stage. I’ll just see where it goes. But thanks for giving me permission to just…stop!!!

  2. The Wedding Ring quilt is just gorgeous!! Love it. Still no chance of buying one of your beauties to pass down to Tara & Jon??

    1. I love that quilt too! The big one on the design wall. It wants to be called “Joyful.” I made Tara a big quilt some years back. I know you want one of my quilts. You are so sweet to like my work. And I have you in mind, but am making no promises. For Florida you would definitely want a bright quilt. Promises=pressure and I’m avoiding stress these days.

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