Two Cool Kitchen Tools

Turkey Tracks: May 2, 2022

Two Cool Kitchen Tools

I posted a video of this apple corer/peeler/slicer last November, but I’ve been using it a lot of late to make baked apple slices. It is just the coolest and funnest tool.

First you use the lever to stick the unit to the counter. Then you release the handle so you can draw it all the way back. Next, spear the apple’s center on the prongs.

Here’s a little video of how it works—note that it was clumsy to turn the crank and video the action at the same time—which caused part of the peel not to be…peeled. That doesn’t usually happen. And it is easy to just slice off that bit of peel with a sharp knife.

I cut the apple in half and then separate the slices. The core will pull off the unit easily.

The baked apple slices were and are delicious.

Next up: a new compost pail. This one is stainless steel so it won’t rust. And it is made from one piece of metal, so the joins won’t rust. The handles are really sturdy and won’t come off. And in that big top, there are TWO carbon filters: a square on in the very top, and a round one at the edge. Reviewers online say the filters last 4 months and longer.

You can see the depth of the top here.

The round filter fits into groves on the inside of the top—so it will stay put and not fall into the compost.

AND, the unit holds more than my last one, so there are fewer trips out to the compost bins back of the garage.

There are daffodils EVERYWHERE in my yard, and they are so pretty with their bright, happy flowers dancing in the spring breeze.

Author: louisaenright

I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

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