And Now I Wait—for Jackpot and Rain

Turkey Tracks: August 5, 2022

And Now I Wait—For Jackpot and Rain

We are meant to get rain today, but the time frame has already been moved from morning to afternoon. What we need is sustained, steady rain for several days, not just a thunderstorm. But we’ll take whatever we can get. I think the strong breeze from the bay is moving these summer storms west of us, away from the coast.

I got some good sewing time yesterday—only stopping at almost 8:30 pm for my salad supper. One border is on the “Wyoming Stars” quilt—which is working really well to contain that busy and interesting center, and I’m making the final pieced border now. Pics to follow when the top is done.

The Sweet Pups transport team has now started a Messenger message connection where all of the people adopting dogs on this trip are connected.  Right now, 6 people so far are meeting the train at the West Gardner (just south of Augusta) hospitality center on 95—about 45 minutes from me. It is truly heart warming to see how excited people are to be getting “their” rescue dogs.  And to see the wonderful work and caring that the folks at the Sanctuary and Rescue organization are doing.  I’ve been following them on their FB page.  

I’m more or less ready for Jackpot doggie’s arrival next Saturday.

I’ve been researching how to feed a puppy real food and how to transition a dog to real food. Feeding puppies is a bit tricky actually—as one needs to carefully balance the nutrients. But I’ve got it now, though I’m still rounding up ingredients, like a high-quality cod liver oil.

I’m a big fan of the vet, Dr. Karen Becker. And I’m learning more about Rodney Habib, who founded Planet Paws. Their new book THE FOREVER DOG is on my dining room table at the moment.

The new dog toys arrived yesterday. They are so cute. I still remember when AC came at 6 months of age and dived into the toy bucket downstairs. I want that joy to happen again.

There is an adorable video of Buster Brown. If the link doesn’t work, you can see it on my FB page or on the Sweet Paws Sanctuary FB page. Buster Brown is Jackpot’s brother (and clearly had a different dad—as is true too for Lace Top, the girl). Buster was too sick to rescue, so the Sanctuary is getting him sorted, and you can see he is doing much better. Recall that the mother dog had been tied to a tree for her whole life, and had her puppies there, but that the owner finally surrendered her.

Yesterday I made the most delicious potato salad that I combined with a grilled lamb burger.

I used 4 new red potatoes about 3 inches each—and they cooked (whole) in boiling water to cover them faster than I thought they would—about 25 minutes maybe. I drained them and let them cool while I did other things and then peeled and chopped them into big chunks. I had some homemade really tangy yogurt that I had strained and threw about 1/4 cup of that into a bowl where I put herbs from the garden (chives, basil, tarragon, thyme) and added some dried herbs, like dill and oregano. I added some green peas, some chopped veggies I had on hand (sweet onion, red bell pepper, cucumber) and some grated carrot. I swirled in some of my good olive oil (Organic Roots’ Koroneiki EVOO) and added salt.