Jackpot’s First Days

Turkey Tracks: August 28, 2022

Jackpot’s First Days

Everything went really well yesterday. It was fun to see the other people picking up their rescue dogs. And it was very fun to meet Glenna and her grandson Joey. These Sweet Pups folks are very special people.

Right now, everything here is all puppy all the time. And that’s how that goes with a new puppy who is not yet house trained. We are going in and out a lot so “accidents” have been limited and confined to pee. This morning after his breakfast, Jackpot clearly asked to go outside, and he did a big poop when he got to the grass. I found a pee spot on the kitchen door rug, but that’s good news. It’s clear he has connected the need to pee with going outside. And that rug is washable. And I some some great stuff (Simple Solution) that will remove stains and odor. One can’t do “puppy” without it—or a product like it.

He’s bonding. We are bonding. Here he is on the back deck yesterday afternoon. He stayed with me off-leash yesterday afternoon as he/we explored the lawn, the gardens, the driveway, and the garage. it will take some time though until he knows his new Jackpot name and comes every time I call him. He will also learn “stay by me,” which will mean he can go everywhere with me off leash—except on roads with cars. Mostly though, we’ll stick to local fields and hikes where he can run free.

He is smaller and more finely built than AC Slater was. I think. Time will tell. AC was 46 pounds and solid muscle and was a super fast runner.

One of the funny stories I will remember from yesterday is that when the van came and we gathered around, Glenna and Joey came out. After we all greeted each other, Joey asked me “what dog is yours?” When he came out holding Jackpot and just as he handing him to me, Jackpot started peeing, and it ran mostly right into the little purse I carry that holds my phone, the car key, etc. I had to laugh. The donation check I had brought with me to help offset all the drama of the past 3 weeks, which included some hefty vet fees for Sweet Pups, was SOAKED. Most of the pee just went into that one part of the purse, and all is washed and dried now. I’ll reload the purse this morning.

For the drive home, I put Jackpot on the front seat of my car—which I had covered with a towel—and I chained his harness to the seat belt. I think if he could have crawled into my lap, he would have. We came home with me driving one-handed, with the other hand on him. He mostly settled right in as long as I was touching him and often talking to him.

The rest of yesterday was spent taking Jackpot in and out of the house. Steps are new to him, but he’s starting to risk trying them. He’s doing the door steps now, and is close to doing the back deck’s 3 steps. Down, anyway, if not up yet. He has to learn how to use his back feet to push himself up and to co-ordinate them with his front feet.

He’s eating and drinking well now. Poops are mostly firming up. There was a looser one (the second this morning) a bit ago. So I’ll keep a close eye and add pumpkin to his lunch meal. I have Slippery Elm on hand if needed. And he’s getting a bit of goat milk yogurt and a tiny bit of the dried colostrum I ordered for him. Glenna told me he wasn’t doing well on kibble yet, so I’m hoping my food will help him move on from the infection he had (pun intended).

He took a long deep nap last night, next to me while I watched tv—with only a small break to play with his toys downstairs. (He loves the balls that are in the toy mix.) He was fascinated with the tv and barked at it and watched it for a bit.

After his last pee outside about 10 pm, we went upstairs, and I got ready for bed. But he would not settle there with me—and I was afraid he would fall off the bed. He is still too tiny and young to jump up and down from the bed on his own. So I crated him for the night so we could both get some sleep. There was howling at first, but he settled pretty quickly.

I woke about 5 and could not get back to sleep—and I wanted to get him outside to pee early. He barked when I turned on the light and dribbled a bit when I opened the crate—he was excited I think. Then he turned into a happy, wiggly puppy outside on the wet grass as he was glad to see me. And he did a good long pee outside. Then I fed him, and he gobbled down his food, which had some of the bone broth added. He loves the real food, once he got used to the different texture of it.

I’ve hunkered down in the kitchen with him this early morning—and am sitting at the desk while he plays with his toys and with me off and on.

It’s now only 8 am!!! And he has crashed on the floor—worn out. When he wakes up, I’m going to take him out to pee and then to the Snow Bowl field and pond edge to explore and to run off some energy. Then I’ll make a quick run to Fresh Off the Farm for some eggs and milk—and will be in and out quick, quick as it will be his first time alone in the car.

Later today, we’ll do another leashed walk. And maybe stop by Loyal Biscuit to get him a proper harness. I have a really good one for walks on roads, but it is too nice for getting wet and muddy in ponds and creeks.

It’s clear he loves people and other dogs, but I’ll avoid the dog park for now, until I’m sure he’s settled in here and is healthy. He does not need any exposure to whatever else other dogs might be carrying. And I’ve always had mixed emotions about the dog park any way.

Don’t look for quilty information any time soon! Though he may surprise me.