Rain is Coming!

Turkey Tracks: August 16, 2022

Rain is Coming!

A Nor’Easter, and it is arriving tonight and will hang until Thursday morning. If we are lucky.

When I woke up this morning I made my bed and dressed—and then realized that it was Tuesday, which is the day I do laundry.

After I had my morning coffee, I unmade the bed and washed things as I would not be able to hang my sheets on the line tomorrow. I love my clothes line. And I love sheets that have dried in the sun.

I FINISHED the LONG, LONG, LONG red wool scarf I’ve been knitting here and there. It’s all ready for winter, and I won’t be fussing about a too-short scarf this year. It’s at least 6 feet long and so yummy.

If you buy things in packages, it would be best now to reread all the labels.

Crickets! As in there are crickets in this package.

I’ve been reading about the “push” to include insects in our food, but I didn’t think it would happen this fast.

Note that the “cheddar cheese” is a “flavored” powder. That’s a fake food with a chemical tasting like cheese. I would argue that grains and too many beans mean too many carbohydrates—all of which turn into sugar in your body. I can’t eat beans, sadly. And I love grains of all kinds. But I now treat them like treats. These “puffs” may taste good, but that’s it nutritionally. This food will do you no favors. None.

Here’s today’s dinner, which I eat at noon.

I grilled a package of drumsticks—it doesn’t take long and they cook while I cooked the rice and the carrots. The rice only takes 10 minutes—and yes it is not an especially good food choice, but this basmanti rice is so fragrant and rich with a buttery flavor. It’s a treat. The okra is from the frozen okra packets I found at the Belfast coop. The cukes and carrots are organic. I so love our local cucumbers in the summer—just cold and sliced with a little salt and dill and a scant drizzle of olive oil. If I could, I’d add a splash of vinegar.

Last night I watched the Dutch movie THE FORGOTTEN BATTLE—a World War II battle that did not include Americans, but did include the Brits and Canadians who, like the Americans, are pushing the Nazis north. The battle takes place in the Netherlands after the Normandy landing and covers three characters who rub up against each other tangentially in the course of the story. It’s really well done—a complex, sensitive story. It is a war movie though—and you know what that means. Battle wounds and some Nazi evil. It’s on Netflix.