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Turkey Tracks: Shine On

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Turkey Tracks:  March 18, 2013

Shine On

A year before John died, my quilting chapter, Coastal Quilters, of Camden, Maine, brought us the most beautiful quilt.

“We are bringing you lots of hugs,” they said.

And, we felt each and every one of those hugs over the next year.  Some, many times over.

I called the quilt “Shine On” because it is a heritage quilt that will be passed on to a grandchild and will carry with it all the hugs and love that reside in its depths.   This quilt glows with light and warmth and will always “Shine On” down through the years with its beautiful colors and memories.

Here is a picture I took of it on my bed upstairs, where I take a picture of all the quilts.

Shine On edited

Here is a close-up of two of the many beautiful blocks that so many in the Coastal Quilters chapter made.

Shine on blocks edited

Here is a picture of the border fabric and the binding, each put on by Sarah Ann Smith, whose blog link is on the right sidebar.  Sarah designed the quilt; bought, washed, and ironed the fabrics; made kits for each interested quilter; squared up the blocks; and  assembled the quilt.  The quilting was done by Marge Hallowell’s Mainely Quilting in Nobleboro and is beautiful.  Marge also donated the batting for the quilt.

Shine On border

Here is a picture of the label, made by Barb Melchiskey:

Shine On label

And here is a picture of the downstairs room that son Mike and I put together for John for the day when he could not manage the stairs any more.  This room was formerly John’s office, so we thought he would be close to his computer as well.

Shine On on John's bed

John never made it to this bed, choosing instead to die in his own bed and in his own time.  And now I spend a lot of time in this room.  I’ve moved my computer down here.  And my quilting and research books.  And my quilting supplies are now in this closet.

The quilt speaks to me as I pass it many times each day, reminding me of all the love and the many hugs it holds.  For it “shines on.”

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March 18, 2013 at 4:50 pm

Turkey Tracks: Handmade Winter Snow Globe by Kathy Daniels

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Turkey Tracks:  January 4, 2013

Handmade Winter Snow Globe By Kathy Daniels

Coastal Quilters had their annual Christmas party early in December.  As part of the festivities, we had a Yankee Swap.  Though I’m sure other members think they wound up with the best gift, I came home with the BEST swap ever–a handmade snow globe, made by member Kathy Daniels, who is an art quilter.

Here’s a picture:

Winter Globe

The insert on the inside of the globe has two fabric sides–both made by Kathy.  The tree side has white fabric for snow, blue fabric for sky, and tiny trees thread-painted with her sewing machine.  The stars are embroidered onto the sky fabric.  Here’s a close-up, sans most of the snow:

Winter Globe 3

The other side is a tiny bare bush that is dotted with French knots that make up red and white berries.  Kathy has couched a line of frayed, fuzzy thread to separate the snow and the sky.

Winter Globe 2

Kathy says this project was not hard.  There’s probably a kit somewhere for the apparatus itself–and the interior fluid.  The outer ball is soft plastic, not hard, so one does have to be gentle with it.  It came in a large box that I will use to store it when spring makes itself felt.

I have shaken up the snow and watched it fall so many times now since early December.  Something about watching the falling snow is soothing.  The action slows one down for at least a minute!    It’s a gift that will keep on giving–full of creativity and promise.

Kathy did a trunk show for Coastal Quilters some time back, before she moved to Camden from elsewhere in Maine, so there is another entry about her, with pictures of her and some of her amazing quilts , elsewhere on this blog.  And, her web site is http://studiointhewoods.blogspot.com/.  I’m sure you’ll find lots of good quilt pictures and fiber art projects on Kathy’s blog.


Turkey Tracks: “A Thousand Flowers” Comes Home

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Turkey Tracks:  August 20, 2011

“A Thousand Flowers” Comes Home

Here’s what our Coastal Quilters’ Grocery Store Challenge looked like hanging at the Pine Tree Quilters’ Guild show in Augusta, Maine, this past July.   You can see  my entry, “A Thousand Flowers”–it’s the third from the left, top row.  I wrote a blog entry on this quilt earlier, so you can take a look at that if you want to see a close-up.  On the right sidebar, search on quilts.  I used Green Hive Honey Farm as my food product–local UNHEATED honey which is made by bees from “A Thousand Flowers.”

Sarah Ann Smith staged this presentation with her usual flair.  Viewers were asked to try to identify which quilt represented what product from the grocery store.  Answers lay beneath the strips of fabric on the cards below.  Sarah is a nationally recognized quilt teacher and has a fabulous web site, which you can visit to see her amazing and exciting work:  http://www.sarahannsmith.com/index.php.  Sarah’s quilt is to the right of mine.

And, here’s “A Thousand Flowers” in the entryway to my quilt room.  Home at last.

Turkey Tracks: Steve Melchiskey’s Earring Holder

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Turkey Tracks:  December 13, 2010

Steve Melchiskey’s Earring Holder

I’m a member of Coastal Quilters, a chapter in the Maine State Pinetree Quilters’ Guild.  CQ is based in Camden, Maine, and it is a lovely group of women.  I treasure knowing each and every one of them.  They are generous to a fault, astonishingly talented, and devoted to this quilting group.  We learn a lot from each other.

Our spouses are no slouches either.  Many of them help us set up our meeting space at the Lion’s Club each month, which involves putting up lots of tables and placing chairs around them.  And, for our annual fundraising auction, one spouse–Steve Melchiskey–made several, very clever, pierced earring holders, using frames and window screen.  I had been searching for something to organize my earrings–especially since I have a new-found passion–making earrings with the help of the staff at Aboca Beads in Damariscotta, Maine, about 40 minutes down the road.

Here’s my terrific earring holder, and my heartfelt thanks to Steve Melchiskey for supporting Coastal Quilters:


Look at all those earrings, both VERY old and new!  The top three on the left are made from folding clay by the most amazing artist who displays at Alewives Fabrics in Damariscotta Mills.  How does she make such intricate pictures????  Some readers will recognize earrings they have given to me.  Some of the earrings I remade from old, outdated earrings, giving them new life.  One of the amber-like ones on the lower left got dropped and cracked.  John glued it for me, and I love it still. 

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December 13, 2010 at 5:39 pm

Turkey Tracks: Kathy Daniels Comes to Coastal Quilters

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May 17, 2010

Kathy Daniels Comes to Coastal Quilters

Mercy!  Where does time fly to?

Our April 10 meeting of Coastal Quilters featured Kathy Daniels, who is an amazing quilter.  Best of all, she may be moving to Camden in the near future.  Kathy did a trunk show for us which included her quilt journey.  She started with traditional quilts, but quickly moved into art quilts.

I loved most of her quilts.  They are so inventive.  But here is one I particularly liked.

Kathy is on the left and Sarah Ann Smith, a nationally known quilter, is on the right.  Kathy and Sarah are friends and members in Frayed Edges, their art quilt group. 

Kathy’s blog is  http://studiointhewoods.blogspot.com/.  Take a look.  It’s really fun.  And, colorful.  Lots going on here.

Sarah’s blog is http://sarahannsmith.com.   Visit it to see her beautiful quilts.  Her galley is on the right of her opening page.  Also, she just published her first book:  Thread Work Unraveled.  AND, it has been given a second printing.  GO SARAH!  Be sure to visit her blog.  If you’re a quilter, you can learn a lot.  If you’re not, you’ll still be intrigued.

So, here’s another of Kathy’s quilts that I liked a lot.  It’s a tribute to a beloved dog who died.


Finally, here’s another one I liked.

 Kathy!  Thanks so much for coming to Coastal Quilters!

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May 17, 2010 at 11:21 pm

Turkey Tracks: Jeanne Marie Robinson

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Turkey Tracks:  May 6, 2010

Jeanne Marie Robinson

Rest in Peace

A friend and I drove to a gallery in Topsham last week to pay homage to a selection of Jeanne Marie Robinson’s quilts.  Jeanne Marie, who died very recently of cancer, was an amazing quilter.  She created whole worlds out of cloth.  She loved applique, but she combined applique with traditional piecing and with art quilt techniques.  She had a unique vision that will be sorely missed by anyone who has ever seen one of her quilts.  

Here are two quilts that hung in this memorial show:


Jeanne Marie was also very generous with her work.  For the past three or four years she donated one of her pieces for the Coastal Quilters yearly auction fundraiser.  Of course, her donations always brought in the most money for any one single item.

In her youth, she was a nationally known ballet artist.  It was only in her later years that she turned her talents toward fiber art.  Boy are we who could see her ongoing work glad that she did!

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May 6, 2010 at 7:02 pm