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Turkey Tracks: “Celtic Solstice” Quilt

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Turkey Tracks:  February 13, 2014

Celtic Solstice Quilt

“Celtic Solstice” is Bonnie Hunter’s 2013 Mystery Quilt.  Bonnie writes a few weeks before Thanksgiving about fabric choices and releases the first “clue”–which unit we will make first–the day after Thanksgiving.  Then we are off and running–making hundreds of units each week until she reveals the finished quilt and how to put it together sometime before New Year’s.  Some of us finish right away; others take longer as life circumstances are all different.  We had the option to sign up for a Facebook “secret”/closed group to connect with other quilters making CS, and I have to say I have really enjoyed seeing their comments, their work, their different color choices, and the many different ways they put together the quilt.  Some reversed the chevron unit, which made that block more like a star, for instance.  And there were many, many different border treatments.

My CS has been finished for about two weeks now, and it’s been hard not to “share” it here until I could send it to DIL Tamara Kelly Enright for her February 12th birthday.  Tami KELLY Enright is part of the amazing Kelly Clan of Charleston, SC–which has been a boon for all the Enrights.

Two of my friends held it upright at our last quilt meeting as I can rarely get this kind of a shot of a quilt.


Bonnie designed this quilt after a trip to Ireland last summer.  You can see that it has the colors of the Irish Flag (green, orange, white) and that blue figures prominently.

Here’s what it looks like thrown over a queen-sized bed.


This is a two-block quilt.  Each block is a nine-patch–and you can see them in this picture.  The block with the green square on point is a Bonnie Hunter design and has appeared in a recent book from Quiltmaker magazine (I think that’s right) of 100 blocks.  The star block–see the blue points with the orange and green four-patch in the middle–is made with Tri-Rec rulers and forms the blue circles.


Here is a close-up of the very interesting border–and you can see that I quilted with a medium green thread–using a pantograph called “Circle of Life” ordered from Urban Elementz.  I specifically wanted a pantograph with this “New Grange” circle symbol for this quilt.  (New Grange, in Ireland, is an ancient site where the solstice light figures prominently during the solstice.)


Here’s the backing, binding, and the quilt.  I chose this bright orange backing because I know that Tami likes orange and bright colors AND BECAUSE IT HAS FAIRY BEES all over it.  Tami is a bee keeper and Executive Director of The Bee Cause Project in Charleston, SC, and Savannah, GA.   See their url:  http://www.thebeecause.org/home.html.


And, the other way:


Here’s a close-up of the fairy bees:


I knew very early that this quilt had to go to Tami.  I could hear John whispering in my ears–she’s a Kelly for Heaven’s Sake.  And while there are MANY of my quilts in Tami’s home, even one I made for her when she was pregnant with Bowen, there isn’t a big one that’s just for her.   And I didn’t realize until recently that she likes BRIGHT quilts.

Tami was hard hit with the loss of John–they had a very special relationship, and I’m so glad she could come spend time with him not long before he died.  I put this old Irish poem on the label for her:


And our loved ones do not totally disappear.  We hear their voices inside ourselves all the time.  They have just gone on before us, to prepare our way.

I have so enjoyed making this quilt and so look forward to next year’s Bonnie Hunter mystery.  Meanwhile, Bonnie’s other mystery quilts are in her books, and there are many I would truly love to make.

Thanks, Bonnie!

Interesting Information: Homing Bees

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Interesting Information:  April 2, 2013

Homing Bees

Old friends Leighton and Tara Derr Web are working with bee master Tamara Kelly Enright (my daughter-in-law) to start ten hives on Deux Peuces Farm in Awendaw, SC.

Leighton oversaw the building of the ten hives.  Here’s Tami trying her hand at cutting some of the hive wood:

And here are Tami and Leighton “homing” the 50,000 bees in the ten hives.  Tami is setting up a hive by installing the pieces which the bees will use to build the interior of the hive.  I presume Tara is the photographer.

Tami’s honey is called “Talula Bee Honey,” and it is highly prized in the Charleston, SC, area.

And you can see much more information about Tara and Leighton and their farm on THE FARMBAR web site, which is linked on this blog.  See the right sidebar to click over to The Farmbar.  There are some gorgeous articles and pictures on The Press section of Tara’s blog.

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April 2, 2013 at 7:46 pm

Turkey Tracks: Tami’s First Quilt

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Turkey Tracks:  April 19, 2012

Tami’s First Quilt

Tamara Kelly Enright, or Tami, is SEWING!

Two summers ago, Tami bought a used Janome sewing machine from Marge Hallowell at Mainely Quilts in Nobleboro.  But, she has her hands so full with four kiddos under 8, now.  So, about 18 months passed before, during Thanksgiving, we got it out and started a project.  She made a receiving blanket for her coming nephew, Meyer Kelly.  And, I left her with fabric for pillowcases, the instructions, and with two extra feet ordered for her machine–a walking foot and a darning foot for free-motion quilting.  Soon, she was making pillowcases with abandon.

What’s fun about this story is that her two youngest–Talula and Wilhelmina–are helping pick out fabrics, hanging over the machine, and getting very excited when it’s time to give the gift that has just been made.  My guess is that there are two generations learning to sew now.

So, imagine my surprise and pleasure when a wall quilt arrived in the mail for my birthday.  And, it’s beautiful!  The girls helped pick out the fabric, and the whole family participated in that the guys had to do without mom for a bit while she sewed.  I hung it outside my quilting room door.  Isn’t it beautiful?

Tami’s first quilt is called “Maine’s Breakfast With a View” because from the windows in our dining area, you can see all the bird feeders and birds, the woods beyond the house, and, in winter, the ridge beyond our house.

I love the bird fabric.  I’ve been very drawn to bird fabric lately and just bought a yard to fussy cut not long ago.  There are so many really gorgeous bird fabrics on the market now.  I also really love the reds in this quilt–they look so warm in this spot outside my quilt room.  And I think the way Tami coordinated fabrics in this quilt shows real promise.  She is now taking a sewing class as she’d like to make some dresses for the girls–which is all how it starts.

What a fabulous birthday present!  I will treasure this quilt always!

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April 19, 2012 at 1:24 pm