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Turkey Tracks: Bryan, Corinne, Ailey, and Cyanna’s Visit

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Turkey Tracks:  September 24, 2013

Bryan, Corinne, Ailey, and Cyanna’s Visit

Family members are asking for pictures of Bryan, Corinne, and the girls during their recent visit to Maine.

We had a lovely time, and were able to do something fun with Ailey every morning of their visit.  Ailey will be three in late November (Thanksgiving baby), and Cyanna is entering her sixth month.  At the end of their week here, when her parents were packing up suitcases, Ailey wanted to know where Lovey’s suitcase was.  And all the way to the airport, she announced occasionally that she wanted to stay in Maine.

By showing you their pictures, I am also showing you some places along beautiful Mid-Coast Maine.

I picked them up at the Portland airport, and we stopped at LLBean to eat lunch, shop, and take pictures around the boot.  Ailey got a new pair of boots–which she loves and used every day.

Sept 2013,The Girls at the Boot, Sept 2013

We’ve had a lot of fog this year, and Ailey had read all about lighthouses and pea-soup fog.  So, we headed off to Owl’s Head Lighthouse, where obligingly, the fog bank rolled right in, setting off the fog horn.  Ailey talked about lighthouses and fog horns for the rest of the week.

Sept 2013, Ailey at Owl's Head Lighthouse

At the top:

Sept 2013, Owls Head

Here’s the fog bank starting to roll in–the view is from the lighthouse steps:

Sept. 2013, Owls Head

So, we walked down to the pebble beach at Owl’s Head–following a path through the woods.

Sept. 2013, Cyanna, Owls Head with Dad

The pebble beach.  Ailey loves to pick flowers.

Sept. 2013, Ailey, Owls Head Beach

On another day, we walked the Rockland Breakwater out to the lighthouse that sits at the end.  The breakwater was built in 1899 and is a mile out and a mile back–or so I’ve been told.  The granite rocks have big cracks between them–so someone needed to hold Ailey’s hand.  But, it was a beautiful morning–we saw dolphins, all kinds of sea birds, a lobsterman working his tracks right next to the breakwater, and lots of happy people.

See the lighthouse all the way at the end?  Ha!  You barely can…

Sept. 2013, Rockland Breakwater 1

Almost there…

Sept. 2013, Rockland Breakwater 2

One morning Bryan and Corinne took the girls to the carriage trail that is the back way up to Mount Battie.  A creek crosses the trail about a half-mile in, and Ailey had a great lot of fun wading through it in her boots.  (I was at our monthly quilt meeting.)

We took some bread to Camden Harbor to feed the ducks one morning–and to let Ailey throw rocks into the water–an occupation of which her Enright boy cousins seem to never tire.

Sept 2013, Camden Harbor white ducks with friend

Mommy found some boots she liked as well in Maine!

Sept. 2013, Harbor

Cyanna is always happy in her baby carrier–and she is “Daddy’s Girl.”

Sept. 2013, Cyanna at Camden Harbor

Here’s a harbor view:

Sept 2013, Harbor view from park

And I’ll print this shot to make the house photos current.  And the first one of Cyanna with Bryan.

Sept 2013, Ailey at Camden harbor

It was a lovely visit!

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September 24, 2013 at 6:12 pm

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