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Interesting Information: Stell Shevis’s Enameled Music Boxes

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Interesting Information:  December 8, 2013

Stell Shevis’s

Enameled Music Boxes


When I graduated from high school, my grandmother gave me a china box that I treasure to this day–though it is worn and tired and old now.  

It lives on my dresser and holds some pearls John gave me long ago.

I wanted to give my grandchildren some small treasures that they would have always.  Each has their name spelled out in brightly colored wooden letters–led by a train and followed by a caboose.

And to each–up to the birth of the youngest last April–I gave an enameled music box made by Stell Shevis–who is far more than a local artist here in Maine.  Stell and her husband have national reputations, and we are only just lucky that they decided to live in Maine.  (Shevis died a few years ago.)

link:  Stell Shevis | About Stell and Shevis- Maine’s local artists.

I discovered Stell’s music boxes when we first moved to Maine ten years ago now.

But, Stell, who is in 2013, 97 years young (and she is young in mind and heart and sharp as a tack), stopped making the boxes some time ago.

When Ailey was born, I called Stell and asked if she had any left in her studio.  She did, and I chose one for Ailey.

Last week, I worked up my hope and called Stell again.  Perhaps she had a few left, I asked when she answered the phone.

I went right over, and there were four boxes left.

I bought two.  One for Cyanna.  One, just in case…

And Stell and I had a wonderful visit to boot.

Here are the boxes:

Stell Shevis  music boxes

The white is silver, and the yellow, gold.

One plays “White Christmas” and one plays “Wind Beneath Your Sails.”



Written by louisaenright

December 8, 2013 at 1:20 pm

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